Charles Firth Is Still Getting Calls Months After Kerri-Anne Shared His Mobile Number

Charles Firth revealed that he's received tens of thousands of phone calls and texts ever since his number was put to air on Studio 10.

The comedian appeared on the show back in October last year, right after the Chaser team projected Alan Jones' personal phone number on the Sydney Opera House sails.

Kennerley argued that the TV pranksters had "gone too far" in publicising the shock jock's details and dared Firth to share his own mobile with the public -- which he happily did.

Firth explained today that he's still receiving phone calls and texts about the Studio 10 segment, six months after it went to air.

The Chaser's Charles Firth gets a call on-air after Kerri-Anne Kennerly held up his personal phone number. Photo: Studio 10.

But instead of throwing his phone into a large body of water or changing his number -- Firth insisted that the influx of calls and texts were actually quite welcome.

"I have to thank you," he said to Kennerley, "because the major consequence of that was… it went viral on the internet.

"Literally, tens of thousands of people called me," he said.

"Ninety percent of the messages were just supporting me,” added Firth, "most of them were like, love what you do, hate Kerri-Anne Kennerley!" he joked.

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Firth's number was read out again this morning as the original clip was briefly re-broadcast -- which set his phone into a fresh meltdown.

Kerri-Anne decided to fact check Firth's claims and began answering calls on air herself, acting as the comedian's temporary receptionist.

"Hello, hi this is Charles Firth’s phone," she said.

"Oh my god, I am watching this live, I am speaking to Kerri-Anne!" an excited Studio 10 fan said, explaining she regularly heads into work late to catch the program.

Kennerley then set her next prank in motion, offering the caller as many tickets as she wanted to The Chaser's upcoming tour -- as Firth began shaking his head.

"Leave it with me, you've got six tickets coming your way!" she promised, adding that she'd be recording Firth's voicemail message next.

Main Image: Network 10.