Sunday Night Takeaway: Grandmother Does The Unthinkable

It was five months in the making, and this gran had a few massive surprises in store for her family.

Yep, instead of her usual, predictable schedule, Elizabeth decided to break out of the norm and -- with the help of Chris & Julia's Sunday Night Takeaway -- she was able to do a few pretty outrageous things.

Kicking things off by kicking her heels up onstage with the cast of Jersey Boys, Elizabeth proved she still knew how to cut a rug.

Then catching up with the incredible Tanya Hennessy for a quick lesson on how to make it big on the Internet, Elizabeth, aka SuperGran, got down and dirty with some YouTube challenges including giving Tanya a gorgeous makeover while blindfolded.

Sunday Night Takeaway: This Gran Does The Unthinkable
Tanya's got a new look courtesy of SuperGran and it's... well it's interesting. Image: Network 10.

But the surprises didn't end there, with Gran making a bit of a journey to the jungle to compete in her very own Tucker Trial.

And it was a doozy.

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Tasked with holding a huntsman spider in her mouth for 20 seconds, SuperGran barely flinched while it made itself at home on her chin.

Sunday Night Takeaway: This Gran Does The Unthinkable
There's not enough mouthwash in the world. Image: Network 10.

Obviously her efforts impressed her family AND the rest of Australia because seriously we wouldn't even have let that thing sit in our hand let alone our mouth.

Check out everything SuperGran got up to and the other surprises Chris and Julia had in store over on 10 Play.

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