The Bachelorette 2019: Angie Kent Will Be The Next Bachelorette

It was just six weeks ago that Angie Kent left the Jungle, and now, she's set to become Australia's next Bachelorette!

Speaking to her after she left I'm a Celeb, Angie said that she'd never do The Bachelor but said she'd definitely be keen to become Australia's Bachelorette.

“I would do The Bachelorette,” Angie told 10 daily at the time, “I wouldn’t do Bachelor because I would never compete for a man’s love. Never ever.”

"But I think it’s about time Angie Kent had a nice line-up of men trying to please her! I think that would be nice. But what if I show up and it’s just a row of Justin [Lackos]?” she laughed.

Well, it seems Angie's powers of manifestation are real, as it was announced today that she's all set to follow in the footsteps of Ali Oetjen, who's still riding high on love and endorphins following her happy ending with Taite Radley.

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We caught up with Angie ahead of the big reveal to get the scoop on everything Bachelorette, from her family's reaction to her fave of our past Bachelors!

Check it out below.

What do your family think of you going on the show? Did they give you any advice?

They're slightly concerned about what may pour out of my mouth as I do suffer from a bit of verbal diarrhoea and you can generally tell exactly what I am thinking from the look on my face, but overall they are so excited for me to potentially find a great man to share life with. Mum has been secretly (but also not so secretly) wanting me to find a solid guy for a long time, but I have always opted for living on the edge and picking up and moving around on the regular. They want grand-babies, but they can hold their horses. One step at a time!

What are you most looking forward to being The Bachelorette?

You know what, I am actually excited to date and be vulnerable, to put myself first for a change. I have generally put men at arm's length, and as much as I have loved my life and have done a lot of soul searching to get to loving where I am at, I am at that stage where I would love to share experiences with someone as crazy and excited as me!

What qualities do you have to offer a potential partner?

I am very understanding and open-minded. I am honest and I am constantly exploring myself and working on being more vulnerable. I love to laugh and tend not to take life too seriously, I'll keep you on your toes that's for sure, gotta keep life exciting and spicy!

Which of the previous Bachelors did you most fancy and why?

I would have to say I could see myself getting on with Honey Badger the most, just because he cracked me up and he seemed to share the same kind of outlook on life as I do. I have heard Tim and Sam are amazing men, and Matty seems super sweet.

We can't wait!

Feature image: 10