Angela Bishop Takes On Tom Gleeson On Hard Chat

Our own Ange was put in the hot seat as she got a grilling from Tom Gleeson.

After Studio 10's Sarah Harris featured on The Weekly with Charlie Pickering's reoccurring segment, Sarah and Ange managed to get their own back with "Revenge Chat".

So it was only a matter of time before Angela was put in the hot seat, facing off against Gleeson and his particularly Hard Chat.

Starting off strong, Gleeson asked Ange: "What made you choose to be an entertainment reporter instead of a journalist?"

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"Why are we any different to police rounds or court rounds? It's an important thing," Ange said before Gleeson cut in asking: "Are you sure?"

The conversation then turned to Ange's long history in the entertainment industry -- or as Gleeson put it, "What's the closest you've come to a story that matters?"

Mentioning her trip to the UK to cover Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding last year, Ange also brought up Oprah's visit to Australia.

"Do you think you could get her to do this?" Gleeson asked Ange before promising her "exposure" in return.

"You gave Grant a Gold Logie," she fired back before adding, "I'm not expecting a Logie..."

"Good," Gleeson said. "Some underdogs are just too... under."

"And too dog I suppose," Ange joked.

Last year Gleeson ran a campaign to get Grant the Gold which included a social media takeover, shirts and even a cardboard cutout.

Check out the full segment below where they discuss Ange's mum Bronwyn Bishop, genetic predisposition to helicopter travel and what the Studio 10 hosts do during advertorials.

Featured image: ABC via YouTube.