Dancing With The Stars 2019: Michelle Bridges The Next Celeb To Be Eliminated

The fitness guru’s time in the competition has come to an end.

Despite her competitive edge and passion to take it all the way to the end, Michelle Bridges is the next Celeb to say farewell to Dancing with the Stars.

It's truly heartbreaking to see Michelle leave after several phenomenal performances, especially this week celebrating the dance she did opening the show.

Since the beginning Michelle rocked the competition, attacking routines with her natural athleticism, while the judges may have been blunt, her biggest critic was herself.

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When 10 daily caught up with Michelle a few weeks ago she told us how the pressure to perform was making her tighten up.

“I want to step out on stage feeling confident, the last thing you want to see is a deer in headlights and a train wreck,” she said, “It could be entertaining but it makes my butt cheeks clench.”

It has been an emotional ride for Michelle who, during the week dedicated to the Stars’ most meaningful years, dedicated to the year she gave birth to her son Axel, as well as representing her relationship with Steve “Commando” Willis.

A few weeks ago Michelle also danced an incredible Paso Doble to ‘Survivor’, opening up about surviving an assault when she was 18-years-old. “This Pasodoble is a battle, a battle of choosing to not let that experience define the rest of your life,” she said ahead of the emotional performance.

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Dancing alongside her professional dance partner Aric Yegudkin, Michelle’s dance this week received solid praise from the judges and in the dance-off against Constance Hall, Michelle managed to come out on top scoring her bonus points.

Unfortunately, when it came to the viewer votes, Michelle didn’t gain enough to get her across the line, seeing her as the latest celebrity out of the competition.

Saying she was proud to be part of the competition Michelle also gave her thanks to Aric for all his hard work after the pair fought so hard week after week, delivering stunning performances.

"This guy standing next to me, he's been with me through thick and thin, he's taught me so much," Michelle said, "I'm sorry we didn't keep going because I wanted to see us both go there but I'm also really, really grateful for the experience and grateful to have met him."

Still, during her time in the competition she was able to raise funds and awareness for a cause very close to her heart, the Black Dog Institute.

Michelle has been an ambassador for the Black Dog Institute for around seven years, and was able to practice what she preached when it came to mental health and exercise -- especially throughout the experience on Dancing.

“Exercise improves your mood,” Michelle explained, “it allows your confidence to grow and soar, it amplifies your attitude and it relaxes you -- it allows you to turn your head off which, in this day we live in, it's not often you can do that.”

Michelle will continue her work with the Black Dog Institute in destigmatising mental illness, and educating on the way fitness can impact mental health even after she’s sashayed off the dance floor.

Dancing With The Stars airs 7.30 Monday on 10 and 10 play.