Dancing With The Stars 2019: Denise Scott Returned To Host And People Absolutely Loved It

She stole the show despite being voted off it weeks ago.

She was one of the first to be voted out of the competition but it was never the end of the hilarious Denise Scott's time on Dancing with the Stars.

Unfortunately, Grant's co-hosting duties were in jeopardy after suffering from a back injury so to give Amanda an assist (and to make sure she didn't have to scale the stairs to the skybox 900 times) Denise stepped up to the plate.

And it was -- unsurprisingly -- wickedly hilarious and so much fun.

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At one stage, while "interviewing" Jett Kenny, Denise commented about how Jett was a rare youngun' who not only asked a question but listened to the answer.

"And we're going to see what the judges scored you," she said before adding: "Oh, I didn't let you talk. Is there anything you wanted to say?"

Luckily there wasn't. "Great interviewing work by me!"

While folks were sending their well-wishes to Grant as he recovers, they were also absolutely adoring the guest host for the night.

Reflecting on her journey from early eliminated contestant to stand-in co-host Denise said, "It just proves you can get called a hunchback, score a one and get eliminated and two weeks later you're co-hosting the damn show."

"The message is: hang on to your dreams, kids!"

Truly an inspiration.

Dancing With The Stars airs 7.30 Monday on 10 and 10 play.