Dancing With The Stars 2019: Courtney Act Scores First 10 Of The Season

In a beautiful, emotional performance, Courtney stunned while telling a very personal love story.

Throughout the competition, Courtney Act has proven she's definitely one to watch, as she smashed out routines in all sorts of dance styles.

And while her fancy footwork has continued to impress the judges, Courtney has also done her fair share of opening up about life experiences, expressing them through powerful performances.

This week, Courtney performed a contemporary dance to Radiohead's "Creep", to explain the difficulty of dating when you identify as gender fluid.

Telling the story behind the dance, Courtney said she had just finished a shoot in drag and struck up a conversation with a man. The pair seemed to get along and traded numbers, but later that day, Courtney had the thought that the man might not have realised... that out of drag, Courtney is Shane.

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"It wasn't my intention to deceive this guy," Courtney said.

"It's just a part of my life."

Admitting that her situation is obviously uncommon, Courtney reflected on the experience saying:

It makes you feel like who you are is unlovable or like you are a creep and a weirdo.

"It's okay when you get rejected, not everybody's going to love you and life is going to be hard... and that's okay," Courtney told dance partner Joshua Keefe.

Early in the competition, Courtney wowed judges with an exploration of gender identity, telling the story of how -- as Shane -- they came to the realisation that they existed somewhere in the middle of the gender spectrum.

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"Masculinity was so ingrained in me and I was taught that men had to be men and women had to be women," Courtney said. After having conversations with transgender activist Chaz Bono, Courtney made the realisation:

I don't have to choose... I can just be me.

"Once people start to understand that gender can exist on a spectrum and that your story is different to my story is different to someone else's story," Courtney said.

"It is more complex because there is more than two answers and people aren't used to that."

Ultimately the judges fell in love with her dance, as Sharna handed the duo the first 10 score of the season. It catapulted Courtney to the top of the leaderboard, giving her immunity from the dance-off showdown of the week.

Dancing With The Stars airs 7.30 Monday on 10 and 10 play.