Sunday Night Takeaway: Can You Get Through The Happiest Minute Without Tearing Up

Each week Chris & Julia's 'Sunday Night Takeaway' puts us to the emotional test with The Happiest Minute, but can you make it through without getting a little choked up?

Spoilers. You probably can't.

Throughout the series, Chris and Julia have dedicated a minute to make the studio audience and the audience at home just that little bit happier.

Obliterating the Sunday blues by handing out incredible getaways to deserving people across the country, Chris and Julia bring amazing smiles to those who deserve it. And weirdly? It always seems to be a part of the show that airs when we're cutting onions because for some reason we can't make it through without tearing up.

We also caught up with one of the executive producers of the series who told 10 daily, "There is no better feeling than working on a show that is designed to bring pure joy to a broad family audience. Sunday Night Takeaway veers from belly laughs to tears in the space of minutes."

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This week the pair handed out trips to Fiji to folks like Ryan and Karen Fowler who -- after the death of their 17-month-old Rio -- began Rio's Legacy, a charity that assists children with terminal illnesses and their families. So far, Karen and Ryan have raised over $200,000 in Rio's honour.

There was also Max, who doctors told wouldn't be able to walk, and there he was standing tall and proud ready to head off to Fiji with his family.

Sunday Night Takeaway: Can You Get Through The Happiest Minute Without Tearing Up

We seriously have yet to get through the happiest minute without at least tearing up a little. And before you judge us, we're absolutely not alone.

"We always need a commercial break after the Happiest Minute... I have to stick my tongue to the roof of my mouth to keep from crying," Julia told the audience. And she's not the only one.

Check out this week's Happiest Minute above and see if you can make it. We... did not.

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