TV Reporter Caught Greasing His Hair With Spit During Live Interview

American foreign correspondent Matt Bradley's impromptu grooming moment came in the middle of a live cross from Syria.

Journalists covering war-torn countries often have little time to worry about their appearance in preparation for major network interviews.

Bradley demonstrated this when he was accidentally filmed on Saturday using spit to slick back his hair prior to speaking with MSNBC host Ali Velshi.

At first, Bradley spat into his right hand and ran it through his dark locks, then proceeded to do the same with his left hand.

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Bradley is in eastern Syria, where he went on to report that fighting against ISIS is ongoing despite the White House's latest assertion it had all but ended.

"The President said two days ago this battle was going to be ending that evening -- so about 48 hours ago. It didn't," Bradley stated.

TV reporters aren't strangers to enduring on-air gaffes, with one Russian journalist caught hastily throwing off her coat before a live cross in 2017.

As Maria Ryabova's producer yelled “Take off your coat! Throw it on the ground!” she threw her coat dramatically into the bush.

That same year, former ABC News presenter Natasha Exelby went viral after a three-second blooper of her daydreaming during a live bulletin was broadcast.

During her appearance on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here earlier this year, Exelby revealed she lost her presenting job following the gaffe.

In January, seasoned commentator Gretel Killeen accidentally dropped the "F" bomb during a panel appearance on morning show Sunrise.

The gaffe occurred during a segment about a flight Killeen was on that turned back after a passenger started a brawl mid-flight.

"I was on a budget flight, someone stood up during take off, 'I gotta do a f***ing pi**'', she described, the immediately realised her error.

"Ooh, excuse me. That's what he said, just delete! Delete that!" she said.

Network 10 anchor Sandra Sully has experienced a few bloopers during her career, including one exchange with National Affairs Editor Hugh Riminton.

"Thank you, Hugh Jack... Hugh Jackman, I'm sorry, that's our next story," she said, before adding: "Hugh Riminton reporting there from Canberra."

"I'll take it," Riminton replied. "Yeah, me too if I could!" Sully quickly shot back.

Last year, a Channel Nine reporter mispronounced an A-league player's name as she reported on a Melbourne Victory vs Western Sydney Wanderers game.

The reporter tripped up over Victory winger Mitch Austin’s surname, referring to him as "Mitch Autism".

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