Sunday Night Takeaway: Yvie Jones Is Happy To Look Like An Idiot For Chris And Julia

From pranking Steve Price to giving Osher Günsberg a coffee machine-related freak-out, Chris and Julia have loved pranking some of their famous friends.

In this week's episode of Sunday Night Takeaway, former Gogglebox stars and recent I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here alums Angie Kent and Yvie Jones are Chris and Julia's next targets for humiliation.

The hilarious Yvie caught up with 10 daily to explain everything that went down.

"All we knew was we had to say and do everything Chris and Julia told us to say and do," she told us, "and it was hilarious".

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The pair were there to interview party planners for Angie's upcoming 30th, but as Yvie pointed out: "She isn't turning 30, she's turning 29... so we had to tell them she wants to look older."

"We had five party planners and we had to interview them in a pub," Yvie said, explaining that Chris and Julia were in their ears forcing them to do all sorts of embarrassing things.

"Some of the planners were like... these bitches are crazy. There was one guy who had no idea who Angie and I were... OR Chris and Julia," she added laughing.

"It was f**king brilliant."

One thing about Yvie is her contagious laugh, so we were curious how she went attempting to fool these party planners with a straight face.

"I cracked," she admitted. "By the third one I'd look at Angie and -- I couldn't look, I'd be saying the most ridiculous things and I'd just start laughing. My eyes were watering like, 'what the f**k! Who says this sh*t?'"

Yvie also said that before the prank she thought she was a better actor than Angie, "but I'm not," she quickly added. "I cracked way worse than she did. I was crying."

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The big, obvious question is WHY would anyone knowingly put themselves in the hands of Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris, but for Angie and Yvie it was an easy decision.

"We absolutely love Chris and Julia so anything they're involved with we'd say yes any time," Yvie said.

"I hate pranks -- when you're making people look like idiots, but WE looked like idiots so... I was totally fine," she said, adding: "I already looked like an idiot so I looked like a bigger idiot?"

"It was good, I'd do it--" Yvie said cutting herself off and thinking for a second, "No actually, I wouldn't do it again, I'm so done," she said with a massive laugh.

See what exactly Chris and Julia force Angie and Yvie to do on Sunday Night Takeaway.

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