Dancing With The Stars 2019: A Look At Amanda Keller's Incredible Wardrobe

We got an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of some of Amanda Keller's incredible 'Dancing With The Stars' outfits.

"If it was up to me I'd probably have a pair of Ugg boots and a pair of pyjamas," Amanda Keller told 10 daily standing in front of a rack of her sparkling, shining outfits from Dancing with the Stars.

While Uggs and PJs sound like the perfect outfit to us, Amanda's taste was taken into account when it came to picking out what to wear on the series.

Collaborating with a handful of Australian designers and the 10 Styling team, Amanda was able to stay true to her own personal style, while still stepping into some outrageously glamorous outfits.

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"The fact that I'm pulled kicking and screaming into glamorous clothes," she said, "I've loved these and I've felt very happy wearing them."

Amanda's looks have been carefully considered from the start, with her week one outfit -- a gorgeous structured jacket with gold detailing from Mary Ioannidis. Her look matched her co-host Grant Denyer's gold-patterned suit -- subverting the expectation that she'd be in a gown on night one.

It's also a new look for Amanda, who works in both breakfast radio, where she says she dresses for the comfort of early starts, and on The Living Room where outfits are more pared down.

"I sit on a couch and have to be coordinated with the three guys, can't clash with the cushions and they have to be clothes that are okay when you're sitting down," Amanda explained.

With Dancing, it's a whole different ball(gown) game.

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While the stars and their partners are decked out in their outrageous dance outfits -- Amanda and Grant's outfits have to reflect the glamour, the spectacle and the literal size of the production.

But with all that fashion comes sacrifice. In order to not change the silhouette of some of the pieces, before the show starts recording, two microphone packs are strapped to Amanda's ankles. Each evening of records there's four hours where she physically can't go to the bathroom.

"For me to be unzipped, take off the microphones, go to the loo, get back up and find my way around the set -- which is enormous -- [and] get where I need to be... it would never happen!"

She laughed as she told us about her new routine -- cutting down on cups of tea and water on a Monday afternoon. On top of that, her shoes can't be too high because of the number of times she has to run up and down the stairs to the skybox and back to the stage.

"I'm up and down those stairs 10 times a night," she said, rolling her eyes, "the next day I feel like I've been to a four-hour gym session!" She laughed as she told us about the panadol she keeps on hand to make sure her feet aren't aching after an episode.

"I'm making myself sound 100-years-old but I'm not wearing a nappy... just yet," she joked, "that's next year."

While taking us through some of the looks, Amanda also remarked on a white suit with stunningly colourful hand-beaded details.

"This was an extraordinary outfit made for me by Mariam Seddiq -- the week that she was making this her father passed away," Amanda said, "but all her aunts were in town to pay their respects so they all joined in to complete the beading on this, which made it extraordinarily special for me."

Also on hand was designer Nicky Velani, who was fitting Amanda for her Movie Night outfit, a sequined ombré look finished with fringe detailing for that added oomph.

"I love that the designers have come in with their own ideas and when we have fittings, the first is with just a piece of calico -- which is the plainest, harsh material," Amanda said while Nicky pinned and prodded the gown.

Saying that the first fitting looks less like a glamorous moment and more like the opening night of The Crucible, Amanda was consistently wowed by the designer's ability to put a few pins in hessian and come back with an incredible outfit a few weeks later.

"There hasn't been a single night where I haven't felt absolutely fabulous," she told us before remembering one night accidentally spilling Coca-cola on her pants. "I think the cameraman just thought he'd keep the shot a bit shorter," she said.

As for what's in store for the rest of the season, Amanda joked: "I'm still looking for that sequined G-string for week eight, a lot of people are working on that for me right now."

Well, we THINK she was joking.

You can see more of Amanda's incredible outfits on Dancing With The Stars, Mondays at 7.30 on 10 and WIN.