Season 3 Queer Eye Has Sent BBQ Sauce Sales Soaring

The fab five are back, and they've got some BBQ sauce to sell.

In one of Season 3's standout episodes of Netflix's Queer Eye the fab five head to Jones Bar-B-Q Kansas City where they meat (haha get it?) the Jones sisters Shorty and Little (real names Mary and Deborah).

The Jones sisters are two of Kansas' only female pitmasters, raised around pits and taught by their father everything they know about how to run a pit and keeping the family secrets alive.

One of those secrets is their treasured BBQ sauce recipe, a recipe so secret even the puppy dog eyes of one Antoni Porowski couldn't get a hint.

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While the Jones sisters may be masters of the BBQ field in Kansas, they were nominated by their family to get a bit of an overhaul on their style and personal upkeep -- something both had not prioritised while working around the clock to run the family business.

Meanwhile, because Antoni was out of his depth with two BBQ legends, decided to talk to the sisters about elevating their business which included selling their BBQ sauce.

This week Jones BBQ updated fans after they were flooded with enquiries about the sauce, announcing that they sold 11,000 bottles.

"We averaged 1.7 bottles per minute this weekend," the caption read, "We are feeling so much love and support from all of you."

Due to the immense demand for their sweet and tangy sauce orders, folks are having to wait up to 10 days for deliveries, with international shipping now being put on the cards.

One thing Antoni wants you to remember is he will NOT be putting BBQ sauce on a horse.

Featured image: Netflix (supplied).