Dancing With The Stars 2019: Olympia Valance On Her Elimination -- 'It Doesn't Make Sense'

It was the result no one saw coming, especially Olympia Valance.

The morning after Monday's elimination, the 26-year-old actor admitted she was still a little shocked, but the entire day leading up to the result she felt a weird energy.

"I just had a weird feeling all day and we were talking about getting voted out in those outfits," Olympia told 10 daily, referring to her dance partner Jarryd Byrne. "We hadn't had those conversations before. It was weird energy... and then we got f**king voted out! It's the worst."

"The worst," Jarryd echoed.

Dancing With The Stars - Olympia Valance and Jarryd Byrne
Olympia and Jarryd were heartbroken following Monday night's result. Image: NIGEL WRIGHT.

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Olympia explained she had always made the decision to compete in Dancing with the Stars because she had always wanted to learn to dance. "I always said if I was going to do any reality TV it would be a dance show," she shared, adding: "I honestly didn't think I'd like this experience as much as I did."

Monday's Movie Night theme saw Olympia and Jarryd open the evening with a Pulp Fiction-inspired performance. Their fast-moving Jive looked amazing but received middling reviews from the judges. It was a sharp change for Olympia who was the highest scoring celeb last week.

For everyone, it looked like the competition was going to be between Olympia and Courtney Act, battling for the top spots.

"It just doesn't make sense," the Playing for Keeps star said, "You know what I mean? Why do the judges even vote? My [audience] votes must have been so low."

"I just think there should be a part of it where it really is about dance, like the judges need more power over the result."

"I think for me it's disappointing because every week Olympia was constantly improving, getting better technically and performance-wise," Jarryd said, "We got better and better. I'm sad we can't continue that progression."

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Both were seriously complimentary of the judges and their critiques, especially Craig Revel Horwood who Olympia said was "absolutely hilarious".

"You can’t take things too seriously or too to heart," she said of the judges' critiques, "that’s not what this show is about. We’re making TV we’re not saving lives."

The pair agreed that though sometimes the delivery was harsh, the judges were always providing feedback to make them better the next time they danced.

Jarryd and Olympia seemed like a match made in heaven, both pushing each other to strive for perfection week after week.

And throughout the competition, they got... super close.

"She didn't think she was going to like me," Jarryd joked.

"Nah, I didn't," she replied, laughing, "but thank God I did! You spend so many hours together and CLOSE," she added. "It's not like acting where I can do a scene and f**k right off and we don't have to speak to each other. We're up close and personal for hours a day."

"And she has no BO," Jarryd added, "She made me smell her armpit once."

Despite all the fun the pair had together, Olympia said she was heartbroken the experience had come to an end.

"I loved literally everything about this show and so for me to wake up tomorrow and not have anything to do with the show anymore… it breaks my heart."

In the meantime, she and Jarryd were cooking up schemes to continue dancing together, with Olympia even trying to convince the pro dancer to give her free lessons on the side.

"I'll give you $10 off lessons," he responded.

Friends to the end.

Dancing With The Stars airs 7.30 Monday on 10 and 10 play.