A Bear Grylls-Themed 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Show Is Coming To Netflix

Netflix is dangerously placing the fate of Bear Grylls in the hands of viewers with 'You vs Wild'.

The interactive series will be the streaming service's second big foray into the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' market after last year's Black Mirror film, Bandersnatch. 

The chilling movie blended together elements of gaming, watching a horror film and playing god into one terrifying experience, giving viewers a range of timed options that all inevitably led to ruining the main character's life.

Which is exactly what we're expecting from You Vs Wild, an interactive upgrade of Grylls' mid-2000s Discovery Channel survival series, Man Vs Wild. 

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The announcement was made by Grylls today in a series of 'Choose Your Own Adventure' YouTube clips -- daring viewers to answer his FaceTime call (how did he get our numbers?) and embark on a dangerous journey with him through jungles, mountains and deserts, from the comfort of their couches.

"My adventure is up to you," he says in the dramatic promo. "We've got two options on what to do here, either step tentatively or crawl like a seal" he suggests.

(Would you rather watch Bear step tentatively or crawl like a seal? The choice is yours! (Netflix).

Which sounds fun enough but viewers will, no doubt, be much more excited to explore some more cruel and ~unusual~ commands for our poor hero.

You might recall some of the more bonkers moments of Man Vs Wild have involved Bear drinking yak blood in Siberia, peeing on his shirt and wearing it as an air-conditioned hat in the Moab Desert, and eating a live crucifix spider in The Kimberley.

It's unclear if any of these more sadistic options will be on the menu for human-Sim character Grylls just yet, but all will be revealed when the show drops in April.

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Grylls said in a statement that he was proud to allow viewers to explore the world and its landscapes "in my boots".

“The stakes are high in this one!” he added ominously.

You Vs Wild hits Netflix on April 10. 

Main Image: Netflix via YouTube.