Sunday Night Takeaway: Beau Ryan Gets Pashed On Live TV

"How good is live TV?"

He was rolling into a Sydney street to give away some massive prizes, but what Beau wasn't expecting was a St Patrick's Day surprise of his own.

After teasing all week that he'd be flying around suburbs in a helicopter, Sydney's epic downpours washed those plans down the drain, with Beau having to find... alternate modes of transport.

"I wasted my entire week filming about the helicopter," Beau said.

"But technically we have to get a chopper because we advertised it, so I went on GumTree and 40 minutes ago... I got myself a chopper!"

And get himself one he did. Just... a very different type of chopper.

After running around a St Clair street handing out bags of cash, he ran into Sue who just so happened to be Irish on this the holiest of Irish holidays.

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Handing Sue a prize of $1000, Beau asked if he could watch the rest of the show at Sue's place. She agreed, and also asked for a sneaky kiss.

"Ah that was on the lips," Beau said in shock before quickly adding a quick message to his wife: "Sorry Kara!"

Despite her forward nature, it seemed Beau and Sue bonded pretty quickly.

With "how good is live TV?" fast becoming Beau's catchphrase, it's easy to see he's having a blast.

Later in the show, he went out to the Shire for another round of In For A Dollar where he tested the locals at blowing up balloons with a snorkel to... measuring his banana.

Yep, you heard that right.

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