Sunday Night Takeaway: Osher Günsberg Made The "Fatal Mistake"

When it comes to 'Sunday Night Takeaway' no one is safe.

When the show kicked off, nobody was happier than Osher Günsberg. The nicest guy in TV told hosts Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris that if there was any way he could help them, out he'd do it.

And they took him up on that offer. In the show's premiere, Osher took budding bachelor Justin through some husband training in Fiji.

"You lied to my face Julia," Osher said in the Takeaway studio, saying he thought after he helped out with the show's very first stunt that he was "in the clear" from their pranking antics.

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Admitting Osh made the fatal mistake of believing he was safe, Dr Chris showed us exactly what our dastardly duo got up to.

And it was pretty massive.

Roping off his whole building, Chris and Julia brought in the Insect Containment Authority -- an entirely made-up division of the government who claimed there was an infestation in Osher's apartment.

They even enlisted the help of his wife, Audrey Griffen, to get him all riled up.

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Osher later admitted Audrey had been in on it for weeks.

"Audrey lied to my face for I think 10 straight weeks! Before I left for Fiji she was lying to me," he said.

All that planning wasn't for nothing as producers were able to seek out replicas of some of Osher's prized possessions including a guitar and a coffee machine.

Osher was able to keep his cool with burly ICA agents... right up until they touched his coffee machine.

"You don't understand, I don't drink, I don't smoke... all I have in my life is coffee!" Osher told one of the pranking plants.

Still, it looks like Osher is finally safe from future pranks.... for now.

Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway Airs Sundays at 7pm. Only On 10 And WIN Network.