Bondi Rescue: Panicked Swimmers Send Routine Rescue Into Overdrive

This week's 'Bondi Rescue' showed just how quickly things can turn on beachgoers and inflatable flamingos alike.

The 25-year-old part-time lifeguard caught up with us following Wednesday's episode of Bondi Rescue.

Glick, who began working on Bondi as a trainee around 2014, shared that working on the beach has been full of "interesting experiences".

"You never know what you're going to get," Glick told 10 daily.

At one stage Glick and a few of the other lifeguards were hanging out right on the flags when he noticed a swimmer in trouble.

"The waves weren't that big, but it just went from zero to 100 as it does," Glick said.

"We were talking and chilling -- but you're always watching and vigilant -- but a set of waves came and took these people outside the flags into deep water."

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Paddling out to one man who was struggling in the deeper surf, out of the corner of his eye Glick noticed three more men in a similar situation.

"I had to choose to go left to three people or right to one person -- and they're all drowning," he said, adding that the three men were looked like they were in more trouble, which made the snap decision a lot easier.

"This time of year the beach feels more like days off, you know? It's not that busy but you can never let your guard down," he explained.

While he managed to reach the three struggling swimmers in time, Glick's board was overturned by the panicked men's attempts to all get to safety at once.

"I remember them saying,' We just wanted to get one wave now we just want to get back to shore. That's all we want!' They didn't want to listen to me."

With the three men back in the drink after turning over the board, Glick was eventually assisted by a few of the other lifeguards as well as a volunteer lifesaver.

"You can only do as much as you can do, we're only six or seven lifeguards... 40,000 people... you do the maths!"

When the men were back on solid ground they were visibly shaken but grateful, meanwhile, it was all in a day's work for Glick.

"You never know what you're going to get," he said, remembering a family who -- as Bondi was smashed with hardcore winds -- showed up with a massive inflatable ball, unicorn and flamingo.

"Everyone left the beach, it just became so windy," he said, "then you see this family so excited like, 'Okay, we're taking our flamingo for a walk!'"

Bondi Rescue: Panicked Swimmers Send Routine Rescue Into Overdrive
Air today gone... also today. Image: Network 10.

"Never put anything past Bondi, you'll see the weirdest stuff."

A part-time lifesaver, Glick also has his own photography business which is -- obviously -- still tied to his love of the beach.

From there, he also recently launched Destination Towels, beach towels featuring his own photography.

"We launched in November," he said, "it's a very unique product and people are loving them. I want to get every beach around Australia on the towels."

For more of Glick, or to see how the lifeguards wrangled wild inflatables, Bondi Rescue Airs On Wednesday Nights At 7.30pm, Only On 10 And WIN Network or catch up on 10 Play.