Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Who Is Alex Bordyukov?

The first international intruder into Paradise this year, we wanted to get to know the American dreamboat a little better.

While we're so excited to see some of our favourites returning for the second season of Bachelor in Paradise, there's one unfamiliar face we wanted to get to know better.

Like, a lot better.

So who exactly is Alex Bordyukov?

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Alex first appeared in the Bachelor Nation in Season 13 of the American Bachelorette, vying for the heart of Rachel Lindsay. When he first showed up he... danced with a vacuum.

This first impression really sucks. Haha, get it? Image: ABC.

While we weren't able to figure out the symbolism of the vacuum (dancing with appliances is... cute and fun? He loves doing housework? He has severe dust allergies?) we WERE able to find Alex's original Bachelorette Q&A.

Despite his massive, muscular frame Alex is actually a bit of a brain who loves maths, science and technology and described his three best attributes as being adaptable, logical and fun.

Nothing more fun than being adaptable and logical!

During his time on The Bachelorette, Alex initially seemed like a quiet, blushing flower, but when Rachel took a handful of her bachelors onto The Ellen Show for a date/strip show, we got to see a little more of his personality (and muscles).

Meet Bachelor in Paradise's International Hunk

Listing Coldplay and the Beatles as two of his three favourite bands ("Can't really think of a third one, music isn't a big part of my life," he mused) Alex also described The Rock as his "favourite artist".

So that's a thing.

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The chiselled, well-dressed information systems supervisor from Grosse Pointe Park said he considered himself a romantic, and added that the most romantic gift he ever gave was a car.

"I like giving practical gifts," he explained. Okay, and we thought a scented candle was practical.

(Please give us a car Alex.)

After his time on The Bachelorette Alex also created his own YouTube series The Bachelor Budget Edition where he recreated the magic of the series to find a date for someone else's wedding.

Who knows, maybe his time in Paradise will lead him to find someone who'll be his date to weddings... FOR GOOD! Maybe even their OWN WEDDING.

We honestly can't wait to see more of Alex, his muscles and the rest of the gang in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise is coming soon to 10 and WIN Network.

Featured image: Instagram @alex_bordy.