Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Here's The Cast For Season 2

It's a second chance at love for a few familiar faces, and a sneaky surprise or two.

As we get closer and closer toward heading to our second season of Bachelor in Paradise it's time to check out the first bach (see what we did there) of favourites hoping to have another try at finding love.

Bachelor In Paradise 2019: Here's The Cast For Season 2
Meet the 'Bachelor in Paradise' crew for 2019. Image: Network 10.

Trading the Bach pad for a Fijian paradise complete with the best bartender in the world, let's reunite with who's who.

Alex -- Richie's season of The Bachelor

Yep, we're stoked to see Alex back looking for love but one thing she may not have been expecting? Her ex. Speaking of which...

Richie -- Sam's season of The Bachelorette and his own season of The Bachelor

They say third time's the charm and for Richie, that might be the case! While his and Alex's first catch-up since their breakup looks to be explosive, we're hoping sparks will also fly with one of the other bachelorettes joining the crew.

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Shannon -- Nick's season of The Bachelor

Oh yes, she was sh*tting her dacks when it came to high-flying dates with the Honey Badger but the outspoken pocket rocket is back for more laughs. And speaking of laughs...

Paddy -- Ali's season of The Bachelorette

Yessssss Paddy's back and we're hoping he's got even more catch-phrases in the bag. He's lookin' FIT and it's going to be Paddy-tastic.

Cat -- Nick's season of The Bachelor

One-third of the tripod is ready to give it another go, and this time she's trading her Bali lifestyle for... well, another glorious tropical paradise. But splitting up the tripod just doesn't sound like much fun at all...

Alisha -- Nick's season of The Bachelor

Yep, Cat's BFF Alisha won't be far from her side as she heads into Paradise too. And the pair will have a LOT to chat about with some other familiar faces floating around.

Brittney -- Nick's season of The Bachelor

PARTY BRITTNEY'S BACK! Yep, one of our favourite intruders (of all time???) may not have been around to win's Nick heart for very long BUT she did make a huge impression on us. Especially with all the dancing. Especially because there was never music to go with the dancing.

James -- Sophie's season of The Bachelor

Excuse us for a moment because Jimmy's back. Yep, the financial advisor with a heart of gold (and a rig of also gold) who had audiences swooning back in Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette is heading into Paradise.

Cass -- Nick's season of The Bachelor

Cass thought she had found The One with the Honey Badger, but after having her heart broken by The Bachelor, Cass is ready to find the RIGHT one this time around.

Nathan -- Ali's season of The Bachelorette

Nath had a rough go on The Bachelorette, with a bit of a fiery clash between him and Charlie resulting in him being sent home before a rose ceremony -- Nath will be hoping to turn his luck around in Paradise.

Brooke -- Nick's season of The Bachelor

She was the favourite to win Nick's heart but leaving the show abruptly before a rose ceremony sent shockwaves across the nation. Now, Brooke's back and she's got some hot tea to spill.

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Rachael -- Richie's season of The Bachelor, Season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise

Well if the others are looking for a tour guide to show them the pool, the bar, the other bit of the pool or even the bar -- who better to show them around than Paradise alum Rachael. And she's in good company with her season buddies Richie and Alex.

Bill -- Ali's season of The Bachelorette

Remember when Bill took Ali to his mate's place for hometowns only to reveal it was an ex who he met at a dog park? We honestly will never forget. Well, Billy boy's out of the dog park and heading straight into Paradise.

Vanessa Sunshine -- Nick's season of The Bachelor

Queen. Vanessa. Sunshine. We're not worthy, but we're so ready.

Alex -- Rachel's season of The Bachelorette US

DING DING DING we have our first international intruder! Alex was one of the best dressed of his season on the season 13 of the American Bachelorette and now he's checking out what Australia has to offer.

We can't WAIT to see how these guys get along, and we're sure this is just the beginning.

Bachelor in Paradise is coming soon to 10 and WIN Network.

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