Lucy Hale To Play Katy Keene In Riverdale Spin-Off

Lucy Hale is returning to the small screen once again, after signing on to play Katy Keene in the new 'Riverdale' spin-off.

Lucy will be playing the titular Katy Keene -- a fashion icon in the making -- as well as three of her creative BFFs as they try to make it in the Big Apple. Fun! Did we mention it's also a musical? It is -- a "musical dramedy" to be exact. The show will follow the four characters as they pursue their artistic dreams, on the catwalk, on Broadway and in the music scene.

According to Variety, Katy will be "a bold, big-hearted and independent twenty-something New Yorker, who aspires to be a fashion designer". Before she achieves that, though, she'll be working as a personal shopper and dealing with the complexities of love and friendship in the city.

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Meanwhile, Julia Chan will play Pepper Smith, an It Girl gal pal of Katy's, Johnny Beauchamp will play Jorge, who's pursuing a career as drag queen Ginger Lopez -- not to be confused with the Ginger Lopez character already in Riverdale -- and Ashleigh Murray will reprise her Riverdale role as Josie McCoy.

Confused yet? Just wait.

Aside from Ashleigh's appearance as Josie, there aren't expected to be any crossovers with Riverdale, BUT they're not ruling out the possibility of giving Riverdale characters a chance to step into their futures by appearing on Katy Keene. So, the entire Katy Keene series will take place in... the future... of Riverdale.

At the Television Critics Association event back in February, the president of the CW said that "any of the Riverdale characters who come to Katy Keene will be older".

Sounds about as confusing as nonsensical as the rest of Riverdale, so obviously we can't wait. As for Lucy, we're sure after seven years of playing Aria Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars, she'll have no problem keeping track of all of this.

Feature image: Getty Images / Archie Comics