'Killing Eve' Is About To Gleefully Kill Your Social Life

With season two of 'Killing Eve' just around the corner, it's time to sort out your affairs.

A new trailer and poster released today show the dynamic duo returning for round two of the cat and murderous mouse game that captivated viewers as one of the hottest new shows of last year, and fans couldn't be more excited.

Aside from getting another scene of Villanelle looking pretty in pink as she drags an Insagrammer to hell (metaphorically, for once) the trailer hints at a new dynamic for a new season.

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"Sometimes when you love someone, you will do crazy things," Villanelle declares in the new trailer.

Fans were quick to note that unlike the first season's poster, which showed Villanelle with her arm wrapped around Eve's neck, the new poster has Eve catching Villanelle mid-fall.

Is it a reach? Only time will tell, but that hasn't stopped the fans from freaking TF out.

Now, all we need is an Australian release date.

Feature image: BBC America.