Sunday Night Takeaway: Steve Price Gets Stitched Up

The devilish duo are back at it again!

But while we saw Grant Denyer and Bachelor lovebirds Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich donning earpieces as they acted out a bunch of hilariously silly tasks set by our hosts, this time around we'll see Julia Morris and Dr. Chris Brown go undercover to take on their latest victim -- Steve Price.

Described as "the corporate speaking gig from hell," the pair set up 16 hidden cameras and 20 microphones in a ballroom, which happens to be full of actors attending the "conference" with the aim to cause as much drama as possible.

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Looking unrecognisable in heavy makeup and dressed in disguise, Lady Julia took on the role of Homebush Cake's most annoying employee, Carol Dobson, while a much older looking Dr. Chris played Homebush Cake CEO, Jeremy Burston.

As the lunch kicked off -- under the direction of our diabolical hosts -- things immediately start to go pear-shaped.

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As Price came in under the impression he was to be a motivational speaker for the annual Homebush Cake lunch, it wasn't long before the chaos kicked in.

Kicking off the event with a spirited rendition of the company song (about cakes, of course), Dr. Chris -- sorry, we mean Jeremy -- soon appeared over video, announcing to the room that the shop had been bought out by a company in Hong Kong, and as a result, several members of staff would be sacked, right before Steve is set to give his speech.

Things then just, much, much, worse as Steve steps up to the mic.

Instructed by the hosts to act as disinterested as possible during his speech, a waiter proceeds to drop plates, while the rest of the staff members act too busy playing on their phones and taking selfies to listen to poor Pricey.

Peter the Prosperous Pig -- played by Chris -- then entered the bizarre scene, with the disastrous lunch culminating in Carol (AKA Julia), spectacularly falling into a cake.

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Lucky, once the jig was up, Pricey took it all in good fun (no word on whether Pricey has fired his manager for helping with the stitch up).

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