Pete Davidson Compares R. Kelly To Catholic Church: "I Don't Really See The Difference"

During 'Saturday Night Live' Pete Davidson was invited on to talk about the recent allegations against R. Kelly, claiming he didn't see much difference between the R&B singer and the Catholic Church.

"If you support the Catholic Church," Davidson said during "Weekend Update", "Isn't that like the same as being an R. Kelly fan?"

Saying he thought Kelly was a monster who should "go to jail forever" Davidson's comments were met with jeers from the audience.

"I don't really see the difference, only like one's music is significantly better," he joked.

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Davidson went on to suggest that the reason so many people have been upset over the recent allegations against R. Kelly -- as well as the historical allegations faced by Michael Jackson -- is that they're talented musicians.

"If I found out Macklemore did some weird stuff I'd be happy to free up the space on my iPhone," he said.

The comedian then suggested if fans wanted to continue to listen to the music of those who have faced serious accusations they needed to pay up to support causes that help survivors.

"The rule should be, like, you can appreciate their work but only if you admit what they did," he said.

"Every time any of us listen to a song or watch a movie made by an accused serial predator," Davidson told the crowd, "you have to give a dollar to a charity that helps sexual assault survivors."

Davidson was then also grilled on the recent viral photos of him and Underworld star Kate Beckinsale pashing at a hockey game.

The pics of the pair going at it while seated next to a perpetually concerned Queer Eye star Antoni Powroski became an instant meme. Beckinsale's official response to one of the many, many memes was via a comment on Instagram where she accurately noted: "Antoni is gay, if that helps clarify at all #queereye."

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Meanwhile, Davidson hit out at critics of his and Beckinsale's age difference  (he's 25 and she's 45) telling the SNL audience if they had any questions they could ask any of the A-list men in Hollywood who have also been in similar relationships including Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Douglas, Richard Gere, "whoever the president of France is" and, of course, Donald Trump.

Featured image: NBC.