Sunday Night Takeaway: Chris Brown Reveals His Fears Of Filming Live And Their Next Big Prank

After pulling off some classic gags, Chris and Julia ramp things up by going undercover to prank Steve Price.

The fast-paced show is a big shift for Chris and Julia -- who are no strangers to live TV -- but the dynamic duo have definitely jumped into a whole new ballgame with Sunday Night Takeaway.

While I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here is also live, it's totally different shooting a show at 10 in the morning in the African jungle than it is a primetime show in front of a studio audience.

"Sometimes in Africa, I have to check if we're on the air but here we've got a live studio audience, we're on in primetime," Chris told 10 daily.

The fast-paced nature of the show and the audience engagement does come with a few risks like getting patted down while chatting to an audience member.

"My greatest fear is going to the wrong person," Chris admitted, adding: "I spend 20 minutes before the show starring at the audience, working out who is who and where I need to go."

"You also don't realise, most of the time you're approaching them from the back so you need to know what the back of their head looks like," he laughed. "It's a lot of research! But that makes it really exciting."

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There's also the work that goes into pulling off some of the surprises and pranks throughout the show. In one episode, Chris and Julia surprised one audience member with her own living room furniture, displayed on stage.

That wasn't all, though -- they had also sent off some of her belongings to feature in shows like The Living Room, The Bold and the Beautiful and even I'm A Celeb.

Telling 10 daily the segment took five months of planning, Chris admitted even he wasn't completely aware of what was going on at the time.

"The kaftan didn't make sense to me," he said, "I didn't realise her hot water bottle was on the set of The Bold and the Beautiful, a hot water bottle that has now been seen by millions around the world!"

Sunday Night Takeaway: Chris Brown Talks Pranks, Audience Surprises
Debbie's Kaftan was sent all the way to Africa weeks before even she knew she'd appear on 'Sunday Night Takeaway'. Image: Network 10.

But pulling off massive audience surprises aren't the only way Chris and Julia get their laughs. Each week they've also managed to force their celeb mates into some truly terrible-for-them/hilarious-for-us situations.

From forcing Grant Denyer to ask prospective bodyguards to carry him to his chair, to getting Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich to drink the world's worst protein shake, their next endeavour will see them pranking their old friend and I'm A Celeb alum Steve Price.

For their first undercover prank, both Chris and Julia had full makeovers, making themselves completely unrecognisable -- they had to in order to pull one over Pricey.

"It's terrifying because you're actually in the scene with them and when you know there's been months of planning if they pick you... the whole thing is over," Chris said.

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For their prank on Pricey, Chris and Julia invited him to speak at a work function for a cake company. To do so they had to make sure the company was legit -- what Pricey couldn't have known was that was the ONLY legit part of the day.

"We used a real company, it had to be real because the people we're pranking obviously do research. Pricey googled Homebush Cakes! We replaced all the staff with actors, so the entire speaking engagement is a setup," Chris told us.

Sunday Night Takeaway: Chris Brown Talks Pranks, Audience Surprises
Chris and Julia went through some epic transformations to pull off the perfect prank. Image: Network 10.

To make sure Pricey wouldn't immediately recognise him under all the prosthetics and makeup, Chris said he tested his disguise on his family and friends.

"I sent it to my family and their reaction was 'Who is this guy?' -- Once I did that I was like okay, we're on," he said.

Despite the fun Chris and Julia have been having at the expense of their mates, he is absolutely certain it's all going to come back to bite him in the arse.

"You don't realise the depths of my paranoia," he said. "Any time a light globe blows or my car isn't where I left it or it doesn't start right I immediately start looking for cameras."

"I know someone will try and get us back and I know they're going to do it really successfully."

Honestly, we can't wait.

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