Dancing With The Stars 2019: Jimmy Rees' Very Personal Connection To His Charity

We caught up with the 'Giggle and Hoot' host to chat about the cause close to his heart he's competing for.

After three weeks of performances, with several of Jimmy's being singled out as the best of the night, we asked the kid's TV veteran how he's been handling the new series.

"It's nerve-wracking," Jimmy told 10 daily, "It's really good fun, challenging, petrifying at times... I'm loving it."

Surprised by the reactions to a few of his performances, Jimmy said he went into the first night just hoping he wasn't the worst dancer, "Or else it's all been a waste of time!"

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Being on kids TV requires a certain amount of energy (aka a LOT), though, so Jimmy wasn't worried about finding the spark to energise the dance floor.

"It's the steps that really terrify," he shared, adding, "and like... be sexy?"

"I'm not the kind of person who knows how to do that or move my body in sexy ways."

That's been debatable -- especially after he dressed up like Queen frontman Freddie Mercury for one performance. "It's just something I've never done, but dressing up as Freddie just empowered me to take up that character."

Putting himself out of his comfort zone as he has is all for a great cause, as Jimmy explained the charity he's hoping to dance his way to the finals for is Very Special Kids.

"They're a kids hospice," he said, "there are kids out there with terminal illnesses or unknown life expectancies and VKS is a place they can go and be cared for, all their medical requirements."

Jimmy knows the work VSK does firsthand, as they've supported his nephew in the past.

"My nephew has an undiagnosed condition," Jimmy said, "he's seven now and they're expecting him to live a lot longer but they're not sure ... the rate his condition deteriorates. VSK has looked after him and provided respite for his family, they do all sorts of amazing things."

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According to Jimmy, VSK support 900 - 1000 families every year who are going through those adverse situations.

"If I win, which I'll need your support for, they'll get $50,000 which is amazing."

"They're a smaller charity, they focus on enriching kids' lives, and the families as well. They have programs for mental health," he added, acknowledging the toll that saying goodbye to kids can take. "It's crazy work they do," he said.

Dancing With The Stars airs 7.30 Monday on 10 and 10 play.