Dancing With The Stars 2019: Denise Scott Leaves But Not Before A Few More Iconic Clapbacks

"Should I say this?" Denise Scott asked us the day after her elimination.

The hilarious comedian was the second celebrity to leave Dancing with the Stars, and she quietly admitted she wasn't entirely devastated about it.

"I was actually relieved," she said adding that she was still disappointed with the result.

"It was a really positive experience but really challenging," Denise told 10 daily, "by yesterday I was -- to be honest -- feeling sick about the amount of work involved and how I almost wasn't coping."

Sitting next to her dance partner Jeremy Garner, Denise admitted she'd miss hanging out with him -- joking that as soon as they got to the airport they'd never see each other again.

"She'll forget me straight away," he joked back.

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At 63-years-old Denise was the oldest celeb taking part in this year's competition but that didn't stop her from giving it her all -- and giving it right back to the judges.

We couldn't help but ask about her incredible clapbacks to judge Craig Revel Horwood.

After her first performance, a Viennese waltz, Craig described it as "very Hunchback of Notre Dame" then went on to compliment her timing.

"Do you know, the hunchback thing, Craig you try having these sized breasts," Denise fired back -- with impeccable timing adding, "and getting your leg up at a bar after four martinis!"

Similarly, on Monday, Craig told Denise "Hopefully you'll never have to dance that dance again."

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Denise didn't hold back, telling the sharp-tongued judge, "I will dance it again Craig, I will. Because I will not let you tell me I will not dance that dance again."

When we attempted to ask if his critiques were at least helpful, starting the question "Can we ask if Craig--" Denise promptly cut us off.

"If I'm having an affair with him? You can ask and the answer is I'm NOT going to reveal anything along those lines," she joked.

But both Jeremy and Denise agreed they felt the judges' critiques were a little harsh on Monday's episode.

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"We were more critical of ourselves I think," Jeremy said, "looking back I thought [the performance] was a lot better. I'm surprised. At the time I thought the judges were probably right but afterwards, after seeing it, I thought probably not!"

And while she loved the experience Denise admitted she wasn't rushing to repeat it saying the scoring and eliminations were too stressful.

"I was surprisingly okay with being eliminated though," she said, "I thought I couldn't bear that feeling of rejection but actually -- and maybe I'm delusional -- I felt incredible love."

"We got a lot of love in that room so I didn't feel bad at all."

No delusions at all, there was nothing but love for Denise and we're definitely going to miss her wit, heart and savage clapbacks.

Dancing With The Stars airs 7.30 Monday on 10 and 10 play.