DWTS 2019: Constance Hall On Dancing To Help Save Kenyan Kids

The blogger and author spoke to 10 daily on why she's dancing her heart out for a worthy cause.

She's been harassed and trolled relentlessly by online bullies over the years, but notoriously-outspoken Constance Hall's only concern now is taking out top prize on Dancing With The Stars for her chosen charity, Rafiki Mwema.

"The charity is based in Nairobi, Kenya, and they look after children that have been sexually abused," she told 10 daily.

"It's a therapeutic safe house. The children can't return to their home due to sexual abuse. So now we have a farm with roughly 70 children in two houses, and we're currently building another house."

Constance first got involved with the charity back in 2016, when volunteer Sarah Rosberg contacted the star about the work they do.

Touched by the message, Hall then reached out to her followers (or 'Queens' as she calls them) to help raise $75,000 to help its expansion.

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In just 23 hours, she had raised a massive $145,000. Her GoFundMe page for the charity has since raised an impressive $200,000.

Ever since, Constance has promoted the charity through her huge social media platform, even making a trip to Kenya last year with husband, Denim Cooke, and their newborn bub, Raja.

"I felt like Rafiki Mwema really aligned with what I do for women as a feminist, and it was my way of giving back," she said.

"So many women have given me so much help and I want to really give back to the girls and the women of the world."

"By connecting my following to the charity, I was able to make a difference -- and before I knew it they had become like family to me and the charity became more important than any of my other work."

It's this dedication to helping abused children that has Constance determined to give Dancing With The Stars her all.

"What you can expect from me on the show is that I'm definitely going to try, even though from now on it means I only have a week to learn these dances," she said.

"I'm actually glad I didn't come out too strong during the first few weeks. Like, Sam and Courtney are doing really, really well -- but now everyone's going to expect too much from them!"

"Everyone just sort of expects me to hang around in the middle. I'm kind of happy to be out of the pressure zone -- for now, at least!"

Dancing With The Stars airs 7.30 Monday on 10 and 10 play.

Image: 10