DWTS 2019: Courtney Act Stuns With Inspiring Exploration Of Gender Identity

"I realised I don't have to choose... that I can just be me."

On Monday's episode of Dancing with the Stars the celebs were tasked with performing a dance based on their most memorable year. For Courtney, that year was 2014.

Courtney and her partner Josh Keefe were dancing the tango which she explained was like a battle between two men over a woman -- meanwhile, her most memorable year was all about a similar, but internal battle.

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"2014 was about my own internal battles with my masculinity, femininity and gender identity and sort of coming to a resolution on that," Courtney aka Shane Jenek explained.

"Masculinity was so ingrained in me and I was taught that men had to be men and women had to be women," Courtney said, "it always felt like a battle because I wanted to be Barbie and I wanted to be Ken all at the same time."

Courtney said that through chats with Chaz Bono -- the trans activist who just so happens to be Cher's son -- she discovered gender fluidity.

"I realised I don't have to choose... that I can just be me."

This isn't the first time Courtney has spoken about gender fluidity on prime time TV -- though it could be an Aussie first, adding to the list of ways in which Courtney has used her increasing platform to powerfully educate the masses on her own experience.

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This time last year Courtney competed on Celebrity Big Brother UK ultimately winning the competition. Throughout her time there she made an effort to talk to her Big Brother housemates about gender, sexuality and how they both exist on a spectrum.

Speaking to India Willoughby, the first transgender newsreader in Britain, Courtney -- as Shane -- explained how their experiences are often conflated, but how different they are.

"I think that once people start to understand that gender can exist on a spectrum and that your story is different to my story is different to someone else's story," Shane said.

"It is more complex because there is more than two answers and people aren't used to that."

Following her incredible performance -- where she broke a cardinal Drag Race rule -- Courtney explained that her journey to understand her own gender identity set her free.

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"Remember those times when you're living in shame or you're hiding something about yourself that you think you should be ashamed of," she said, "whatever benefit you think you're receiving from minimising a part of yourself... you have no idea how wonderful it is on the other side."

The conversation on DWTS definitely inspired many, with Courtney’s honest, eloquent and powerful speech -- coupled with the amazing performance -- touching many watching at home.

Dancing With The Stars airs 7.30 Monday on 10 and 10 play.

Main Image: Network Ten.