Sunday Night Takeaway: Anna Heinrich And Tim Robards Are Chris And Julia's Latest Victims

Julia and Chris sewed the silly seeds of love on tonight's ep of 'Sunday Night Takeaway'.

Rounding out Sunday night's star-studded line up were our OG Bachie lovebirds -- Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich, and lucky for us, they were the next victims of Chris and Julia’s celebrity pranks -- or, as our hosts dubbed it, 'I'm a Celebrity... Get out of my ear!'

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Last week, we were living for the hilarious segment in which Grant Denyer was forced to fly kick and make a general spectacle of himself while being controlled by Chris and Julia as he "interviewed" for a personal bodyguard (with hilarious results).

This week, newlyweds Tim and Anna had to convince unsuspecting wedding planners they were interested in renewing their vows, but Chris and Julia certainly made sure they didn't get out of this one too easily!

Each donning an ear piece, the pair had to follow directions from our devious hosts as they interviewed several (very patient) candidates who impressively managed to hold out their WTF faces and attempt to accommodate their wild requests.

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In what made for LOL-worthy entrance, Tim answering the door with a rose in his mouth before asking the first confused wedding planner, "Will you accept this rose?"

Poor planner Emily was first up then had to endure Anna looking at her watch and declaring to Tim, "Oh look, it's time for our kiss!" -- for an uncomfortably long time.

The duo then interviewed Alex, who was forced to witness Tim show off his push up and planking skills... on the kitchen bench.

Anna then declared to our next planner Kat that she and hubby Tim "were really, really rich. And we're not joking." followed by Tim creating a nasty "protein shake" with apple cider vinegar, eggs, anchovies and his secret ingredient, salami. Oh yeah -- they both had to drink it, too.

Props to them for being great sports, despite Anna revealing the whole ordeal was "SO embarrassing!"

With a celebrity in the firing line each week, no one with a famous face is safe from Chris and Julia’s clutches!

We can't wait to see who's next on the chopping block.

Chris & Julia’s Sunday Night Takeaway premieres live On Sunday, 24 February At 7.30pm. Only On 10 And WIN Network.