DWTS 2019: Constance Hall Wants You To Know That We're All Really, Really Sexy

Constance Hall talks to 10 daily about how 'Dancing With The Stars' helped her tackle her insecurities.

Being surrounded by the gorgeous celebs and super-fit professional dancers of Dancing With The Stars would be enough to make anyone doubt themselves, but for blogger Constance Hall, it was a chance to test herself.

"You're only as good as when you're tested," the mum-of-five told 10 daily. 

"I can tell people to be happy with their bodies until the cows come home, but if I'm in a room with 11 tiny professional dancers, I start to wane on my beliefs because I want to look more like them.

Then I realise I'm a hypocrite, so that's why I need to be tested continuously."

She says she "very lucky" to have a have a husband and children who adorn her with compliments.

" I walk around in this little bubble where my family tell me I'm beautiful."

So it's been great to be put in the 'real world' with these beautiful, strong, young women so that I can remain strong in my belief that my body is awesome and that we are all really, really sexy in our own right.

It's this abundance of positivity, along with her unflinching honesty and humour, that has captivated her dedicated group of followers (1.2 million Facebook followers) -- or as Constance calls them, her 'Queens' -- and encourage them to love themselves and their bodies.

"The first night I went out there, I remember saying to Gustav, 'You've got the curviest dancer her, you should be really proud of that, I am! I'm really fucking proud of that," she said.

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And while the 35-year-old has embraced the challenge with open arms, she admitted that being separated from her children -- who have stayed in Western Australia while she films the series -- has been the most challenging aspect.

"My husband and I are so lucky to have such a big close family who have really stepped up to look after the kids, but there are times I do feel a bit parental guilt. It's just a constant battle in my head," she revealed.

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She says sometimes she questions if she is "selfish" for being on the show and pursuing her career.

Like my daughter will come home from school and say, 'My teacher was so proud of you, mum!' So things like that make it all worth it."

Dancing With The Stars airs 7.30 Monday on 10 and 10 play.