Fox Ordered To Pay $179 Mil To 'Bones' Stars Emily Deschanel And David Boreanaz

The stars and producers of TV crime drama 'Bones' have been awarded millions of dollars in a lawsuit against Fox.

According to arbitrator Peter Lichtman, 20th Century Fox Television executives defrauded the Bones creative team and "gave false testimony in an attempt to conceal their wrongful acts”.

Lichtman added that Fox execs Dana Walden, Gary Newman and Peter Rice took part in “intentional acts of fraud and malice” and showed a “cavalier attitude” toward their underhanded actions.

Boreanaz and Deschanel are listed as claimants in the legal documents, along with producer Barry Josephson and the author of the Bones series, Kathleen Reichs.

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According to the arbitration document, the studio was undercharging on its licensing fees to sister companies Fox Broadcasting and Hulu (which Fox has a 30 percent stake in).

The claimants argued that they were getting lowballed on these licensing deals and were owed millions in backpay from 20th Century Fox.

Fox lawyers argued that Bones was a "middling show with middling ratings" and that higher fees would have led to the show's cancellation.

20th Century Fox has strongly denied the allegations and announced in a statement that the company would be appealing the decision made by the arbitrator.

“The ruling by this private arbitrator is categorically wrong on the merits and exceeded his arbitration powers,” the statement read.

“Fox will not allow this flagrant injustice, riddled with errors and gratuitous character attacks, to stand and will vigorously challenge the ruling in a court of law.”

Bones premiered in 2005 and aired on Fox for 12 seasons, with the series finale airing in March 2017.

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