Yvie Jones' Revolutionary Idea For 'The Bachelorette' We Need To See

Yvie's best mate, former couch co-star and campmate Angie Kent keeps being thrown into the mix for next Bachelorette, and Yvie has an idea as to how that should work.

Freshly back from her time in the jungle, Yvie stopped by to co-host on Studio 10 on Tuesday morning and was grilled about the theories that Angie might be stepping into the Bach Pad this year.

Admitting that she doesn't have any "inside goss", Yvie admitted that she would love to see Angie taking up the title of Bachelorette.

"I think it should happen, I honestly think it should happen," the I'm A Celeb runner-up said to her co-hosts including jungle king himself Richard Reid.

During their time in the jungle, there were some wild rumours suggesting that Angie AND Yvie could take up the title of joint bachelorettes, but Yvie had a different idea.

"You heard it here first, I think we should have a Bachelor... with me as a wing-woman," Yvie said.

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Yep, she believes Angie would make a brilliant Bachelorette, but only if she can be sitting on the sidelines playing their favourite game, "Would You?", with all the bachelor hopefuls.

"Angie would be the best Bachelorette because she really doesn't do intimacy well and I think a man would lean in to have a little [kiss] and she'd go 'Pull my finger'."

"She would be the most brilliant Bachelorette you've ever seen," Yvie said before quickly adding, "With me making all the decisions."

All joking aside Yvie was pretty convinced that if Angie stepped up to the rose-covered plate, she'd come away with a pretty solid prize.

"Angie is looking for an amazing, funny man... she would be looking for calibre, strength of character and someone that would make her wet her pants. And me!"

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When 10 daily caught up with Angie after she was booted from the jungle, she admitted the thought had crossed her mind.

“I’ve always said I wouldn't, but I would do The Bachelorette," she said adding, "I wouldn’t do Bachelor because I would never compete for a man’s love. Never ever.”

"It’s about time Angie Kent had a nice line-up of men trying to please her! I think that would be nice."

So here's to Yvie's campaign #Angie4Bachelorette2019!

Featured image: Network 10.