DWTS 2019: Miguel Maestre Admits He Didn't Expect "Brutal" Scores From Judges

The 'Living Room' star said he was shocked to be the first eliminated on Monday's show, not expecting such low scores from the judges.

Miguel wasn't the only one shocked at the result, with the other celebs -- and even hosts -- visibly surprised by Monday night's result.

Speaking to 10 daily, Miguel described the night almost like having whiplash, the highs of performing his Greatest Showman-inspired number, to his shock elimination.

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After struggling the first week, the nerves and excitement making him speed up the routine so he and his partner Megan were out of time.

"I had the time of my life. I knew I was out of time the whole time, but I was loving it. I knew I had made mistakes," he said.

This time, nerves aside, Miguel said their performance was the first time they performed their second routine flawlessly.

"People were screaming," he said, "it was really misleading and a change of gears. I was so happy and thinking we nailed this! All the other contestants were cheering, I thought I was going to get 100 points and then I saw three."

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Miguel admitted that it was hard to see the harsh scores, but the moment was made even more difficult when the show's host, and his co-star, Amanda Keller read out his name later that evening.

"It was too much to take in," he said, "I'll never forget that. And that was her birthday! Happy birthday, Amanda. I lost. My gift to you!"

Amanda wasn't Miguel's only Living Room co-host there to see him perform, with both Dr Chris Brown and Barry Du Bois watching on the sidelines.

"If they hadn't been there it would have been much harder to do this, I was really happy they made the effort. They came out with me after and had a beer, I knew they were there for me," Miguel said.

Not only were the routines themselves difficult, but being so out of his comfort zone, Miguel said having to stand there and hear the judges' brutal critiques was incredibly tough.

"I've never done that in my life," he told 10 daily explaining that in his career as a chef he's worked in some of the best restaurants, he's received the Order of Spain from the King of Spain, but nothing prepared him for Craig Revel Horwood.

"I've achieved in my game everything you can achieve and after that, I go and dance, think I’m doing my best and some guy gives me a three with a fake accent. It’s not even a real accent. It's brutal!"

"The whole reason I did the show was for RUOK, and here I am raising awareness for mental health... getting slowly hammered on national TV mentally."

"It was a good thing my friends were there for me," he said. "That was my whole message, surround yourself with people that care for you and even the toughest moments can be okay."

Despite the difficulty of having to be the first celeb eliminated, Miguel said the whole experience was incredible. Especially because in the two months of rehearsals and lead-up to the show, Miguel lost a whopping 11 kilos.

"That's two full Christmas hams!" he said laughing, "If I put 10 kilos of steak in front of you, you wouldn't believe it. That was in my body! Somewhere... I don't know where."

The professional chef said the massive weight loss has inspired him to make healthier choices, opting for stairs instead of lifts and feeling more invigorated day-to-day and his love of dance isn't going to stop after the show. Miguel said he plans to incorporate dance into his live shows and cooking demos.

"I'll make sure I keep following on this adventure."

Dancing With The Stars airs 7.30 Monday on 10 and 10 play.