Former Ironman Kailan Collins Sustains Rare Injury On 'Bondi Rescue'

On his way to rescue a swimmer, Kailan Collins got into a bit of trouble himself.

The former Iron Man has been a surf lifesaver on Bondi Beach for many years -- but usually shies away from the cameras.

“I don’t do many interviews," Collins said on this week's episode. "And I’m not seen on Bondi Rescue much because I’m quite boring,” Collins very modestly added.

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But that all changed on this season of the popular reality series when Collins paddled out over a shallow sandbank to help out a swimmer who was struggling against the rough Bondi waves.

“I looked at the patient and put my right foot in the trough, then landed a bit awkward… and went down," Collins said of the deceptive sandbank.

Luckily, the drowning swimmer was rescued by a nearby surfer who heard his calls for help.

Meanwhile, Collins had to hobble out of the shallows and jump aboard the lifeguard buggy,  joining another beach-goer with an almost identical injury.

It's extremely rare that any of the Bondi Rescuers sustain injuries themselves on the job. And when they do -- no matter how badly they've been hurt -- they always seem to downplay it in an extremely stoic fashion.

This injury didn't look so minor to us, but whatever you say, Kailan! (Network 10).

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"At the end of the day, it was only a calf, it’s not like I was bleeding from an artery or anything," Collins said. "It was very minor," he added.

And, always putting the job first, Kailan helped ice the swollen leg of his fellow patient back at the surf hut.

"Three or four weeks recovery before I’m back sprinting across sandbanks again," he said.

You can watch all the drama unfold on tonight's episode of Bondi Rescue. 

Bondi Rescue Airs On Wednesday Nights At 7.30pm, Only On 10 And WIN Network.

Main Image: Network 10.