DWTS 2019: Sam Johnson Wants To 'Keep Kicking Cancer In The Face Hole'

Samuel Johnson gets candid about dancing for his late sister, Connie.

The moment that lovable actor Samuel Johnson walked into rehearsals, greeting dance partner Jorja Rae Freeman in his "tutes" (that's a tutu, FYI), we knew it was going to be a fabulous season of Dancing With The Stars. 

But despite his sunny disposition and phenomenal energy, Johnson is competing to win $50,000 for a worthy cause that's very close to his heart. 

Love Your Sister is a charity he created with his late sister Connie back in 2012 when she dared him to ride around Australia on a unicycle following her terminal breast cancer diagnosis.

He had already raised a staggering $6 million (and had even broken a world record) when, in 2017, Connie succumbed to the disease and died with her family by her side.

"My sister battled cancer across three decades and lost," he told 10 daily.

"So I'll keep kicking cancer in the face hole until I can't. It's got to go. It's absolute nonsense. I'm just proud to be one of many millions involved in the fight against it."

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After Connie died, Sam became more determined than ever to hit the $10 million donation mark he promised his big sister -- so what better way than to join the DWTS team?

"We're now over $9 million," he said.

"So it feels like I'm dancing towards $10 million."

"My sister wanted us to raise this $10 million with joy because she always told us, 'cancer can take my life, but it won't take my joy'. So I'll be dancing as if she's watching," he said.

With Connie being such a huge influence in the Gold Logie winner competing in the series, it seems only fitting that he would pay homage to his sister who, Sam added, would have been "so jealous" that he was on the show.

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"I've got my Connie dance coming up in week three," he continued.

"So I really don't want to get booted out this week! I'm doing an amazing dance to represent our brother and sister relationship -- it'll be like our whole life story in one dance."

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As for what exactly he believes Connie would say if she were watching her baby brother perform?

"She'd be happy for me, but now that we're into it, I reckon she'd be a little bit jealous," Sam laughed.

"She would have loved the chance to do it herself, so she would definitely be trying to hide her jealousy!"

Dancing With The Stars premieres Monday, February 18 at 7:30, only on 10 and WIN Network.

Image: 10