DWTS 2019: Miguel Maestre Is Our First Star To Be Eliminated

Sashay away.

He came, he saw, and he shimmied across the bright lights of the Dancing With The Stars DF, but the journey has come to a shock end for the vivacious chef Miguel Maestre.

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After finding himself in the bottom two along with Cassandra Thorburn, after combining the scoreboard and the viewer votes, it was the Spaniard who was the first celeb to leave -- and it even had host Amanda Keller tearing up.

"You have to try your best in everything you do," Miguel said after the announcement, "I'd like to acknowledge the amazing Megan, she's an amazing teacher."

Viewers at home were also shocked with the star's exit, with many believing Maestre was safe in the competition (this is why you have to vote for your faves, guys!).

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The Living Room co-host revealed the experience had been a challenge, but one he had embraced with open arms.

"With dancing -- much like with cooking -- you learn from the basics," he told 10 daily prior to the show's premiere last week.

"When you cook something delicious, it's from the right combination of ingredients, and with dancing, each dance move is an ingredient for a great performance. Both are beautiful forms of art, and both are ones I have fallen in love with."

It was also of huge physical benefit, according to the star, who revealed he had shed an impressive 8 kg since he commenced training for the series.

"I have been working very hard. I used to say 'never trust a skinny chef' -- but now I am one!" he joked.

We'll certainly miss this Crazy Bull!

Dancing With The Stars premieres Monday, February 18 at 7:30, only on 10 and WIN Network.