DWTS 2019: What's Going On Between Jett Kenny And Dance Partner Lily?

Fans couldn't help but notice a whooooole lot of sexual tension between Jett Kenny and his dance partner Lily Cornish.

There's no doubt that 23-year-old son of former Olympians Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny and his dance partner Lily  make a drop-dead gorgeous pair, but viewers are starting to think there may be more going on between the duo.

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Watching the genetically-blessed pair practice before Monday's performance, Lily couldn't help but gush over the lifeguard and model's good looks, saying, "Jett's really sexy, that's obvious."

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It seems the feeling is mutual, with Jett later revealing, "It's not a challenge, there's a lot of chemistry between us. Lily is gorgeous, I remember the first time I met her, I was like, 'Wow!'"

He added, "I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a spark."

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As the genetically-blessed pair performed this week's routine, fans were quick to point out the sexual tension between them -- and tbh, we totally ship this couple. Plus, who doesn't love a reality TV hook up??

Since it's our journalistic responsibility, you can be sure we'll be staying across this important story to update you with any developments.

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