The Trailer For The Final Season Of 'Veep' Just Dropped

Selina Meyer is running for president...again.

And this season will be the final time we get to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus drop expletive-filled one-liners as Selina attempts to claw her way to the top of the White House again.

"I was a game changer!" she shouts while wearing a bath-robe in the latest sneak peek. "I took a dump on the glass ceiling!" she proudly explains.

selina meyer veep season 6 GIF by Veep HBO

The seventh season of the political comedy shows Meyer's last push to become commander-in-chief, running against her inept former staffer, Jonah Ryan.

"This entire country is getting more disgusting by the second," Selina says in the new trailer, before being reminded that those very disgusting people are her target demographic.

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The final season was originally meant to air last year -- but was put on hold while Louis-Dreyfus received breast cancer treatment.

The actor told reporters at a TV Critics Association event this month that her Veep character is "truer to herself" than ever in the final season.

"I'll leave it for you to determine whether or not it's a good thing," she joked.

“I think where our show ends up ultimately is a place I’m very happy about, and I think it will surprise viewers too,” she said of the series finale.

The new season of Veep premieres on March 31. 

Main Image: HBO