I'm A Celebrity 2019: Shane Crawford Exits The Jungle In Third Place

He survived Dermott Brereton's pranks, he survived pitch black tanks but Shane Crawford was the first of our final three celebs to say farewell to the jungle. 

Just moments after leaving the jungle, Shane told 10 daily he couldn't have been happier with his experience.

Not disappointed with leaving just shy of the top title, Shane said the entire journey had been a "roller coaster of emotions".

"It was a really supportive group," Shane said of the other celebs in camp.

"It had a real team feel about it so I was very blessed I had such a great bunch to go through it with."

During his time in camp, Shane was probably best known for his circle-based bonding exercises, or "circle work" as he called it, where the celebs had to give each other back rubs or pay compliments to each other.

"There's a lot of lying around so it's always good, even if it's a very short time, to do something, even say some positive things about each other, it lifts the spirits," Shane said.

And being in camp for that long it's easy to see how spirits could dip.

"For me," he explained, "the toughest thing was not communicating with my kids, so I just tried to exercise whenever my head was getting a bit negative."

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Shane was overwhelmed seeing his family in the jungle camp he had called home for the past few weeks. Image: Network 10.

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Shane's reunion with his family in camp was hugely emotional for him, especially because his four sons were such a big part as to why he agreed to head into the jungle in the first place.

"They watch the show and had commented a few times saying why don't you do that dad, so I said I'd have a go," Shane explained.

Despite doing it for his kids, they were some of the last people to find out he was doing the show -- Shane told his boys via a video message he filmed right before heading into camp.

Throughout the experience, they were his greatest motivator, even when he was up to his ears in water trying to get stars for his camp.

"The first trial I did, the tunnels in the dark," Shane said, "I was like... this is as bad as it can get. And then they got worse."
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Submerged in a pitch-black tank full of water, Shane had to face one of the most challenging trials this year. Image: Network 10.

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"All I could think about was 'Your kids are going to be so disappointed'," Shane said, admitting that calling out "get me out of here" never even crossed his mind.

Even when trying to chew on a bull's testicle.

"I knew I'd struggle with food trials. I struggle holding down good food at times let alone bull's testicles and whatever else you throw at me."

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Still, it was all worth it to see his sons in the jungle.

"My kids are my life," Shane told 10 daily, "and at the moment they like their dad -- that might change over the next few years but right now dad's pretty cool."

"I’m glad they were here. That was very much a special moment for me although everyone’s probably thinking I was crying and whatever but I swear I got something in my eye," he joked.

"Some dust... one of those baboons threw something from the trees."

Though he may have broken down in tears a few times over the last few weeks, reflecting on his time in the jungle he said, "I'm super proud I committed to being a part of it."

"It's one of the best experiences of my life. It was awesome."

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