I'm A Celebrity 2019: Richard Reid Opens Up About Friendship With Justin Lacko

"He saved my life."

One of the most surprising friendships out of the jungle was that of Richard Reid and Justin Lacko. The pair seemed at first to butt heads but slowly became great mates.

When it was time for Justin to leave the jungle a heartbroken Richard mourned him, despite only having a few days left in the camp himself.

Now the newly crowned king of the jungle reflected back on his time in the camp, and that bond with the model and former Love Island star.

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"I was so fascinated by everyone in there," Richard told 10 daily about his campmates just hours after being crowned.

After working for so long in TV, Richard's natural instincts are to constantly plug silences. That instinct, he admitted, faded away pretty quickly in the jungle.

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"I was too tired," he laughed, "plus everyone was so interesting it was like for once YOU entertain ME."

"That's why I bonded with Justin," Richard said, "he was so complex, so mysterious, so interesting it was like having my own private television."

"He saved my life," he shrugged, "You talk to people all day and then I'd go sit on the swing next to him and just let him talk."

Talking about Justin is one of Justin's favourite hobbies and Richard was more than happy to sit back and let him.

"It's hard to get a word in edge-wise, I of all people managed to sometimes but I didn't want to. I was just like... just entertain me."

It wasn't just a matter of being entertained, through their friendship Richard seemed to be a positive influence on Justin, and Justin on Richard. When he went off to trials, often one of the biggest pressures on Richard was what his young campmate would think if he came back empty-handed.

"I couldn’t disappoint Justin," Richard said, "I honestly couldn’t go back and not have the stars because he brought them back every single time!"

After his win, Justin shared a photo of the pair together with a heartfelt caption. "You are the most beautiful human I have ever met and I am so forever grateful to have met you," Justin wrote, "thank you for helping me and supporting me through the struggles in the jungle."

Turns out the real reward were the friends they made along the way!

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