I'm A Celebrity 2019: Yvie Jones Was Blown Away By The Reaction To Her Weigh-In Speech

After leaving the jungle, Yvie was overwhelmed by the reaction to her passionate speech at the weigh-ins.

Each year the campers are weighed to find out what the strict rations of rice and beans had done to their bodies. This year Yvie stood in front of her campmates and asked to be excluded.

The clip went viral. Yvie's words about not being defined by her weight resonated with people across the world. But Yvie, still in camp, had no idea.

Moments after Richard Reid was crowned king of the jungle, with Yvie taking up second place, she spoke to 10 daily about the incredible reaction.

"I didn't even think it would make it to air," Yvie said, "I thought I had ruined the segment and they'd have to cut around me."

Walking up to the front, Yvie said she was ready to just go along with everyone else. But a little voice kept getting louder and louder.

"This voice that --- maybe two decades ago I started to hear, in those 20 years got louder and louder," Yvie said.

"That voice said you have the biggest opportunity right now. What have you got to lose? Don't be fearful, you're going to shake and you're going to cry and it's okay because you still need to speak."

Yvie said she remembered the first few words that came out: "I hope this gets shown because it's really important to me and, more than just me, it's bigger than me."

From there, she couldn't remember a single thing, saying that it was just flowing straight from her heart to her mouth without a filter. Not knowing what the reaction would be like at home, or if it would even make it to air, Yvie said it just felt good to have that opportunity to stand up and speak.

Yvie still felt like the moment was cathartic.

"Walking back to camp I said to Angie 'I thought mum would have liked it'," Yvie said, "she said she'd be so proud of me."

Yvie spoke about her mother's death earlier in the series and told 10 daily that one of the last conversations they had was about what happens when we die.

"Mum was an atheist, she said nothing happens. I said I think quantum physics is a really big thing and somehow our energy goes onto something else," Yvie said.

The pair agreed that if Yvie was right her mum would send her a message. They agreed on the word "pineapple".

"A soon as she died pineapples became the new flamingos," she said, "they were everywhere. Everyone was wearing them." As she said those words she pointed to us, noting we were wearing pineapple-patterned shorts.

"All these pineapple signs kept coming up and when we were walking back the first thing I saw... was a pineapple. She let me know straight away."

For Yvie, that was more than enough, "For no one else but for my mum, who had the same weight struggles, the same potential in life to be so worthy of brilliance but to be shut down so often because of the way she looked."

Though she may not have taken out the top prize, Yvie still felt like a winner.

"I feel so loved, supported and embraced," she said, "That complete strangers want to know who I am is just incredible. I think If I have affected just one person I’m happy. So, I just feel loved."

Make sure to check out Yvie's incredible speech in the clip above.

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