The Most Iconic Moments That Went Down (And Up) In The Jungle

We laughed, we cried, and we learned to never, ever watch tucker trials while eating dinner.

It's been a wild ride as we watched celebs face their fears, chow down on gag-inducing meals, and strike up friendships within the confines of the campsite.

Now, it's all come down to our final three -- Shane Crawford, Yvie Jones and Richard Reid -- and this Sunday we'll find out who will take the crown as king or queen of the jungle!

While we wait in anticipation to see who will take out the coveted title for 2019, join us for as we reflect on some of our fave moments from this year's crew of quirky characters.

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Justin Is The Trial King

After the Australian public continually voted resident Zoolander, Justin Lacko, up for Tucker Trials, the former Love Island star shocked us all as he took on every challenge with sheer determination. So much so, that after 10 trials he became the world record holder for most number of publically voted trials worldwide!

Angie Vomits In The Middle of A Challenge

The former Gogglebox-er was forced to remain suspended more than 200ft above the dam while being guided by BFF Yvie in an attempt to pop each balloon with a spear to win an hour of electricity per balloon for the camp. It soon became a bit much for poor Angie, who had to take a breather to throw up what little food she had while still suspended over the dam. Ever the trooper, she kept on going, eventually popping the jackpot balloon. Thatta girl!

Shocking Shopping

In one of the most hilarious trials of the season, Tash, Richard, Luke and Justin were tasked with navigating a series of obstacles as they retrieved a list of items from the “one shock shop” -- all the while getting zapped repeatedly. The highlight, however, had to be when it was Richard and Luke's turns, with their comical screams literally having us ROFLing.

Luke Jacobz Won't Stop Ordering Breakfast

Happiest man in the jungle, Luke Jacobz, decided to troll producers at the Tok Tokkie throughout his entire stay in the jungle by ordering elaborate breakfasts every single morning -- despite knowing full well that the only thing he and his campmates would be getting would be measly rice rations. Oh Luke, never change!

Meal Of Fortune

Sam Dastyari, Dermott Brereton, Shane Crawford and trial champion Justin Lacko were put to the test in one of the most vom-inducing yet hilarious tucker trials we've ever seen. All hell seemed to break loose at the end of the trial when the boys were presented with a bull's testicle to eat, causing a whole lot of gagging all round. We have to say though, as always, Justin absolutely slayed the entire challenge! What a pro.

Richard's Hair-Raising Goss

We love juicy nuggets of goss, and Richard Reid sure delivered! Living up to his name as Gossip Guru, the star spilt some major tea on former colleague Karl Stefanovic, alleging that the former TODAY host was actually balding and required spray on hair -- and later hair plugs -- to cover the evidence.

Luke Jacobz Spilling On The Time Lindsay Lohan Drunk Texted Him

We (and Richard Reid) were all ears when Luke casually spilt major goss about the time he stood up Lindsay Lohan while in LA. Telling his campmates about the time LiLo first spotted him while she was driving -- and immediately did a U-turn to talk to him, the story took a hilarious turn when he revealed that a tipsy Lindsay began texting him non-stop -- eventually giving him her room number!

Tash's Trial Trash Talk

Who could forget all the times that sassy journo Natasha zinged Dr. Chris Brown with witty comebacks and sly digs? In on trial, she described our Dr Chris Brown as “a fake doctor with a weird jaw,” and during her Shocking Shopping trial, she threw another jab at the Doc, telling him to "go rescue another dog."

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! finale airs Sunday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.