I'm A Celebrity 2019: Angie Kent Is Out Of The Jungle And Ready To Be The Bachelorette

She was an absolute ray of sunshine living in the jungle, and now Angie Kent isn’t ruling out taking up residence in a whole different world.

Just moments after leaving the camp for good, Angie -- who said she had “all the feels in the world” -- wasn’t sure what was next for her, but one thing’s for certain she wasn’t ruling anything out.

“I’ve always said I wouldn't, but I would do The Bachelorette,” Angie told 10 daily, “I wouldn’t do Bachelor because I would never compete for a man’s love. Never ever.”

“But I think it’s about time Angie Kent had a nice line-up of men trying to please her! I think that would be nice. But what if I show up and it’s just a row of Justins?” she laughed.

Ruling out other reality shows because she can’t cook or sing -- “but I can start a fire?” -- Angie said she was keeping an open mind and letting the universe offer up opportunities.

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Speaking of opportunities, she just finished living in the middle of the South African jungle for over a month, which she described as feeling like forever.

“It’s so amazing how quickly the human mind adjusts to what is in front of it, and you just forget about everything else,” Angie said.

“I was so excited to get into the jungle because I was so nervous about what it was going to be like,” she admitted, “my anxiety was playing next-level games with me and I just needed to get in there.”

“It was so much better than I ever dreamed of.”

Admitting she was gutted that she came so close to the final, Angie said it felt unreal to see Yvie reach the final three.

“I’m very happy for Yvie but I’m also scared for her, we never thought about us parting so it must be surreal for her… she’s a badass.”

For their entire time on the couch on Gogglebox and in the lead-up to heading into the jungle, the pair were a package deal. “It’s always Angie and Yvie,” she said, “It’s a weird feeling but it’s good!”

“She struggled hardcore but she’s still there, and she’s shining.”

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Yvie wasn’t Angie’s only friend in the camp. Almost immediately she and Richard Reid began to hit it off, to the point where the two were almost inseparable.

“I love my Big Daddy,” Angie said pausing as if to reflect on their friendship before adding, “I don’t even know how that nickname happened, it’s so gross. It’s not even in the gross way! I was his little baby and he was my big daddy.”

Richard and Angie’s bond -- formed when she was picked to be a part of the caretaker’s side of camp -- was a major reason the pair were able to keep their sanity in the jungle, making each other laugh with ridiculous sketches and stories.

“I fell in love,” Angie said, “I wished I was a gay man and he loved me because I bloody loved him.”

Still, her adventures in the jungle weren’t without hiccups, clashing with Justin while wearing a “Meme Girl” headband, Angie seemed to be one of the few people who could get away with saying exactly what she thought without too much regret.

Coining some classic “Angie-isms” where she was freezing her nonnie off or cheese grating her nipples, Angie was an absolute joy to watch blossom in the camp.

And you better believe she’s desperate to see Yvie taking out the top prize.

The I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! finale airs Sunday, February 17 at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.