I'm A Celebrity 2019: Angie And Yvie Celebrate Their Jungle Journey Together

Entering the jungle as a duo, the two BFFs looked back on their time in camp.

The former Gogglebox co-stars were the only celebs to enter as a pair, and on Tuesday they realised they were also the last women standing, with just five celebs remaining ahead of Sunday’s finale.

“I thought for sure I’d be gone by now,” Yvie told Angie revealing that following the emotional weigh-in, she had been reinvigorated with a new desire to fight to the finish.

“I feel like a fighter,” Yvie said, “I want to go right to the end now, what’s the use of being here now if you’re not going to go to the end?”

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Angie also felt like she wasn’t sure if she would make it as far as she had, saying that the experience had been difficult for her mental health. “I was like ‘I don’t like being around people all the time, eating in front of people, sleeping and waking up in front of people’,” she said before adding that she was surprised at just how much she had enjoyed the experience overall.

“I’m so myself, I’m not thinking about am I good enough or saying the right thing because I don’t care, I just feel so right,” Angie said.

The pair were also surprised at how they hadn’t relied on each other too much during their time in the jungle. While they may have gone on trials together -- smashing the Kindy Surprise tucker trial and doing their best as the dynamic duo in the Drop and Pop trial -- they have managed to make their own friendships and have separate experiences throughout their time in camp.

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“You’re a really strong person, and you’ve proven that in here,” Yvie told Angie before the pair wondered about how they could apply some of the experiences of camp life into the real world. Stripping back life and living a bit more simple -- just with a lot less kale and critters.

“Look how much we’ve changed, we can even deal with stupid boys exercising in front of us while we’re trying to have a deep and meaningful,” Angie joked as Shane and Luke worked out alongside the river.

“Look at ‘em. Just a bunch of apes with rocks.”

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