I'm A Celebrity 2019: Justin Lacko Leaves The Jungle

The undisputed king of the trials was the latest celeb to be sent packing, but at least he leaves with a world record.

Yes, the former star of Love Island is the latest celeb to be booted from the jungle, but Justin Lacko was nothing if not full of surprises.

A polarising figure from the beginning, Justin’s blend of good looks, adorable good intentions and a complete lack of self-awareness definitely made him one to watch during his time in the jungle.

But with the Australian public voting him into a world record of 10 trials during his time in the camp, Justin was an absolute machine, barely flinching when he was facing his fear of heights, when he was crawling through critter-infested tunnels, being electrocuted during Shocking Shopping or when he was conquering the Sunday Slam again and again.

But it was his absolute iron stomach that made the model one to watch during the many, many, MANY trials he faced.

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And when he wasn’t talking about how good looking he is (which… let’s face it, was often -- but also not a lie) Justin shared some really beautiful moments with his fellow celebs.

From bonding with Angie and Yvie to talking about his parents with Shane, Justin even confronted the constant rumours surrounding his sexuality with Richard.

While we loved to make a few (LOVING) jabs at Justin, he also continued to impress us with his generosity and kindness during trials where he would often, quite literally, carry celebs to get as many stars as they could.

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His big heart and his even bigger muscles will absolutely be missed, and while he may not have found love in the jungle as he had hoped, we’re guessing this isn’t the last we’ll see of Justin’s hunt for The One.

The I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! finale airs Sunday, February 17 at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.