I'm A Celebrity 2019: Natasha Exelby Leaves The Jungle

The award-winning journalist was the latest of our celebs to be sent packing.

Throughout the entire season, it was an absolute joy to watch Tash as she would do what she does best and begin probing her campmates on their life experiences.

While many may have known her from her now viral on-air blooper, Tash quickly became known in the camp for her exceedingly dry wit and her ability to bring out the best stories in people.

From grilling Sam Dastyari on his career’s tailspin to bonding with Shane Crawford on his homesickness and being separated from family, Tash was there to talk to Jacqui Lambie about her suicide attempt and even managed to find out if Ellen really is as bossy as the rumours suggest.

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But it wasn’t just Tash getting stories out of people, throughout her time in the jungle the war correspondent has seen and experienced a series of intense and harrowing events.

Detailing her close calls with terrorism and the intense impact that her job has had on her, Tash stunned her campmates into silence with some of her incredible experiences.

They weren’t the only ones left speechless, as we quickly found out that Tash is an absolute legend when it comes to talking smack, unfortunately for Dr Chris Brown, he found out firsthand.

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Yep, during the handful of trials that Tash endured -- the electrifying Shocking Shopping, the grotesque Breakfast in Bed and the hilariously heart-stopping Trubble Bath -- Tash would absolutely slam Dr Brown every single time.

Even when coated with all manner of terrible things during her hysterically funny Spew Tube make-up tutorial, Tash maintained her cool -- and showed off just how well she knows her way around a teleprompter.

Her absolutely savage comebacks are probably partly to blame for her nabbing the title of Camp Leader from Shane Crawford, but we have to admit we weren’t mad about it.

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