I’m A Celebrity 2019: Natasha Exelby On Returning To TV And Zinging Dr Chris Brown

What would camp life have been without Natasha Exelby? The award-winning journalist not only shared some of her incredible experiences, but her natural knack for drawing stories out of people led to some of this season’s most

It was as if Tash had been running her own interview series, and it just happened to be set in a nook under a shady tree in the middle of the jungle.

“I’ve always been naturally curious about people, it’s not an accident that I became a journalist,” Tash told 10 daily soon after leaving the camp, “but I probably asked people a lot of questions about themselves because it meant I didn’t have to answer a lot of questions about me.”

Describing her campmates as a “bunch of misfits”, Tash admitted it was easy to want to sit down and ask each of them about their lives. “I can’t think of anyone in there whose life is boring,” she added.

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It was a pleasure to ask them questions and a privilege to hear their answers.

Honestly, it felt more like we were the privileged ones, watching her grill Sam Dastyari on his career’s implosion, to find out more about Jacqui Lambie’s life, grill Shane Crawford on his relationship with his dad… even just asking Richard Reid about a bathroom run-in with Ricky Martin.

It was also aided by the fact that the celebs -- in such a short amount of time -- became so close. Especially with so many celebs going every night this past week, Tash said it was becoming more and more difficult to see her new friends leave.

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“It would have been easier for me hearing my name than it was for any of my camp members to hear my name,” she said.

One of her biggest concerns ahead of going into the jungle was how she would cope with living so closely with so many other people. “I live on my own, I run my show, I rarely consider other people’s feelings outside of that work window so I didn’t know how I would go with that,” Tash said.

“My family were also like, ‘Natasha you're going to have to be tolerant and accept other people’, I was like… what is this new language?” she joked. “Turns out, largely, I think I am quite tolerant and patient. Everybody irritated me at some point... Almost everybody. Angie didn’t. Never ever. I wonder if she can say the same thing? I doubt it.”

When what she thought of her time in the jungle and the many fans of it who hoped to see more of her interviewing on-screen or if she had any plans to return to TV soon Tash said, “In my life, I don’t really make plans beyond lunch.”

“I love my career, I love how I don’t see things coming and I feel so lucky with how my business has naturally evolved but sure, I’m up for all sorts of things. We’ll see, I guess. There’s no blanket no… or yes.”

One certainty, however, was that during her time in the jungle Tash was the undeniable Queen of Trash Talk. Each time she’d appear in trials there was no stopping her from firing a few zingers at Dr Chris Brown.

“People keep telling me about giving Chris stick this whole time... I don’t think I even got started on the kid,” Tash said.

“Why couldn’t I have gotten stars for that?! You could have fed everyone. Someone make that a trial next season, I’ll come back to do a guest appearance.”

Never say never!

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday to Tuesday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.