I'm A Celebrity 2019: 'That's Serving Your Ego': Natasha Exelby Slams Barnaby Joyce

Jungle journo Natasha Exelby has struck out at Nationals backbencher Barnaby Joyce and the handling of his very public divorce.

Exelby spoke to Richard Reid about her business XLB Media, which offers media training and crisis management.

When asked how she would have handled the Joyce saga -- which all played out in the public sphere -- Tash admitted she would have dealt with it “very differently”.

Last year it was revealed that Joyce was leaving his wife of 24 years for his former staffer Vikki Campion. Joyce stepped down as deputy prime minister in February last year after it was revealed that Campion was pregnant with their first child.

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In response to the fallout, then-prime minister Malcolm Turnbull enacted a sex ban, prohibiting ministers from having sex with staff regardless of their marital status.

Turnbull also labelled Joyce’s affair with Campion as a “shocking error of judgement” -- but according to Exelby the affair was only the beginning of those lapses in judgement after Joyce and Campion accepted $150,000 for an exclusive interview with Channel 7’s Sunday Night.

Following the interview, Joyce claimed he and Campion just wanted privacy.

“I know Barnaby quite well,” Tash revealed. “I felt very sorry for his wife and daughters and I thought that the way Barnaby handled it was really, really bad.”

Tash continued, calling out the hypocrisy of Joyce -- who was staunchly opposed to marriage equality, calling marriage “a process that's inherently there for the support of ... or the prospect of ... or the opportunity of children” -- having an extramarital affair with a former staffer.

“From my moral point of view, you don’t get up and vote against gay marriage when you’re happy to treat your own with such…” Tash said, shrugging.

I'm A Celebrity 2019: "That's Serving Your Ego" Natasha Exelby Slams Barnaby Joyce
Natasha spoke to Richard Reid, explaining how she would have handled Joyce's scandal differently. Image: Network 10.

When the House of Representatives held the final vote on same-sex marriage, Joyce, who had been firmly against the Yes vote, abstained, saying he was not “any sort of saint” during the debate.

“If Barnaby wanted to really protect his partner, his ex-wife and his daughters he would have just shut the hell up after that,” Tash said.

I'm A Celebrity 2019: "That's Serving Your Ego" Natasha Exelby Slams Barnaby JoyceI'm A Celebrity 2019: "That's Serving Your Ego" Natasha Exelby Slams Barnaby Joyce
Soon after Joyce stepped down, then prime minister Malcolm Turnbull introduced a sex ban. Image: Getty Images.

“But he couldn’t help himself, he had to go out and do a press conference to retaliate to Malcolm Turnbull, and that’s not serving your constituents. That’s serving your ego.”

“The Barnaby Joyce issue went on for far longer than it should or needed to and I don’t think that that was entirely the media’s fault. If you want the media to stop talking about you… then you should stop talking to them.”

Joyce and Campion recently revealed they are expecting their second child.

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