I'm A Celebrity 2019: Justine Schofield Leaves Camp Crowned Queen Of Contraband

The ‘Everyday Gourmet’ star gushed about her experiences in the jungle, smuggling contraband into camp right up until her final moments.

This year’s celebs were busted with a record amount of contraband, the most out of any season of I’m A Celebrity so far, and the biggest twist? That wasn’t even the end of it.

Just moments before leaving the camp for good Justine Schofield fished out of her bag a few packets of sugar, some salt and even some saffron. The last ingredient, she admitted, might be a bit of a curveball since she left the camp completely chef-less.

“Apparently they’ve already burned the beans,” Justine told 10 daily, “I left for one hour and they burned the beans!”

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Saying it took weeks of preparation, Justine smuggled contraband in under the soles of her shoes, in her bras and even in her jewellery.

“I took my gran’s locket to put salt in it so I could season some delicious duck breast,” she said, “Was it worth it? Yes. Absolutely, and I’d do it again, I say I’d do it again!”

Calling her time in the jungle “the most amazing experience, above and beyond,” Justine said she was ready to get back into the world with a whole new perspective.

“I hate saying this but it was a bit life-changing for me,” she said, “It’s made me a little bit more humble, to appreciate what I have.”

While she was in the jungle for four weeks, the MasterChef alum said it felt more like four months, but said the experience left her with a different appreciation for the small things.

“You don’t need all the bells and whistles that we live with,” she explained, “I think it’s really nice to be more grateful for what you do have now, I’m a very lucky girl.”

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Justine said she was heading back into the real world more grateful for the things she does have, living every day to its fullest and with more acceptance of others.

“Before this experience I’d judge people by the front cover, but once you open the book and get to know them, you see why they are the way they are and learn to love them,” she said, “You get that from this experience because you’re forced to sit and chat.”

“Sometimes you don't actually like that person but you still embrace who they actually are and accept. That person is the way they are, try and embrace it.”

While Justine wanted to go into camp to shake up her routine and push her out of her comfort zone, it seems like she got even more than she bargained for.

“I keep thinking about when I was asked and I said no three times, then it finally happened. I’m so happy they didn’t give up on me.”

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