I'm A Celebrity 2019: Justin Lacko Cracks, Lives Up To Title Of Human Wheel Of Emotion

During an in-camp challenge, Justin Lacko was confronted with being called a “human wheel of emotion”, and proved everyone right.

The game, Head Lock, saw a basket of headbands arrive with various descriptions, one that had been used for each of the campmates.

Their task was to figure out which headband belonged to which campmate, and while some were easier than others (who else but Luke would be Mr Brightside?) there were a few that stumped the celebs.

When it came to “Bachelorette 2019”, Tash begged for it despite Justine being the one who holds the title. There was also the mystery of which description fit our beautiful, precious angel Justin.

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Putting his hand up to take the title of “Surprise Package”, Justin believed the public voting him into trials -- and his success at many of them -- earned him the moniker. Sadly, he was mistaken.

After a few tries, the campmates were able to figure out which headband belonged to which celeb, leaving Justin with the “Human Wheel of Emotion”. He was, predictably, very emotional about it.

I'm A Celebrity 2019: Justin Lacko Cracks, Lives Up To Title Of Human Wheel Of Emotion

Justin will also probably be less than pleased to find out that the title comes from our very own Dr Chris Brown who, when speaking to BW Magazine said:

“He’s a human wheel of emotion, he can be so sensitive and emotional and then the most self-centered, egocentric, vain person around. And I think that’s what makes him so watchable. He leaves you scratching your head.”

Well, one person who wasn’t scratching their head was Angie who tried to calm the former Love Island star down when he was upset by the challenge.

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“It just means you’re very emotional,” she explained, “one person has written that out there, that’s it. Not everybody.”

When she brushed off his concern, Justin became more and more upset. The wheel truly had started spinning.

I'm A Celebrity 2019: Justin Lacko Cracks, Lives Up To Title Of Human Wheel Of Emotion
Justin Lacko and Angie Kent clash over an in-camp challenge. Image: Network 10.

After Angie asked him to stop speaking to her with a tone, Justin responded, “Don’t talk to me at all!”

Later, when the challenge reward arrived, some chocolate doughnuts, Justin turned them down insisting that the sweet treat would give him a bad night’s sleep.

It’s not the first time the statuesque reality star has clashed with his campmates, earlier he and Justine Schofield butted heads over dinner preparation.

“The one campmate that got really, really emotional after he realised that he was given the title ‘the human wheel of emotion’,” Yvie said, “...I think they call that irony.”

“What we saw was the whole wheel in one night,” Tahir added.

Angie admitted she was rattled by Justin’s outburst saying, “I don’t think I can deal with that anymore.”

Meanwhile, Justin was struggling to deal with his response, saying: “I don’t necessarily want to feel like I’m overreacting or being immature or too sensitive because obviously, that’s what I’ve just been labelled as by the media anyway.”

Only time will tell who takes the next spin around the wheel.

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